Online data update

We would like to remind you that in order to continue to use OTP Bank Romania's services it is necessary to update the mandatory data, in the branches or online, folowing the instructions below.


How do you update your data?

  • By submitting the form for individuals available in OTPdirekt - Internet Banking (desktop version);

  • By submitting this form for individuals completed together with a copy of the BI / CI, which will be mentioned as being "According to the original", both signed by you at the e-mail address The form will be sent to the Bank from your personal email address (forms sent from e-mail addresses that belong to other persons, including the Employer's, will not be taken into consideration);

  • By submitting this form for legal entities completed at the e-mail address The form will be sent to the Bank from the e-mail address registered in the Bank’s records (forms sent from another e-mail addresses will not be taken into consideration).

  • In any branch of OTP Bank Romania (to minimize time spent at the counter you can bring the completed and signed form together with a copy of the BI / CI).

Note: Kindly notice that, in case you did not communicate your personal email address when opening the account or during the last data actualization process, after filling the data actualization form, in order to process your request, you will be contacted by phone for identification purposes. The conversation will be recorded.


What data should be updated?

For individuals it is necessary to update your personal data regarding: employer/ occupation, source of funds, telephone number, email address or identity document.
You can see here a simplified form for completing the form for individuals.

Additional information related to the data actualization form for Individuals

For legal entities it is necessary to update the data regarding: the source of the funds, the identity of the real beneficiary, the structure of the shareholders, the registered office, the telephone number, the data of the authorized representatives / legal representatives, so that, at the date of the operations, they will be registered in the data base of the Bank.

In order to come to your support, we have prepared a list of documents required for legal entities to update the data.

Documents attesting the up-to-date status of the entity you represent:


For entities registered at the National Office of Trade Registry (RECOM) – e.g.: Limited company, Joint-stock company, Authorized Person, Individual Enterprise, Family enterprise

  • Update Information Form for legal entities and assimilated categories - fully filled-in, marked (checked) and signed by the persons empowered to represent the entity in relation with OTP Bank Romania SA


For liberal professions:

  • Up-to-date alert if the competent authority issues it;
  • If you have changed your location, please provide the document proving the change of the adress  and registration at the competent authority.


For owners' associations:

  • Certificate from the Special Register of the owners' associations not older than 30 calendar days.


For associations and foundations:

  • Extract from the Register of Associations and Foundations not older than 30 calendar days.


Identity documents of the authorized persons to dispose of the company's account (empowered persons), already designated in the relationship with OTP Bank Romania SA.

Please note that additional documents may be required after reviewing the documents submitted.

What happens otherwise?

In the event that you will not respond to our invitation to update your required minimum dates, the Bank reserves the right to refuse to execute the transactions.

If you have already updated your required minimum dates, we thank you in advance.

We assure you of our full availability to respond as quickly as possible to your requests for data updating and we apologize for any inconvenience with your access to OTP Bank Romania accounts.