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Investment services MiFID II

Directive 2014/65/EU on Markets in Financial Instruments (known as „MiFID II”) concerns investors, financial investment intermediaries and trading venues.

MiFID II includes stricter rules regarding the financial instruments and investment services provided to clients, by ensuring a higher level of protection for investors and improving transparency and supervision of financial markets.

It also introduces new corporate governance rules and strengthens the responsibility of competent national and European intermediaries and authorities regarding financial markets stability and financial investments security.

Law No. 126/2018 regarding markets on financial instruments, as well as implementing regulations emitted by Financial Supervisory Authority, transpose in national legislation MIFID II provisions.

OTP Bank Romania SA is authorized as Credit Institution who provide investment services, trough No. 6/28.03.2019 FSA Certificate and registered in FSA Registry under the number: PJR01INCR/400021

Derivative Financial Instruments

The documents presented below contain essential information regarding the investment products offered by the Treasury of OTP Bank Romania. These documents are not marketing materials. This information is provided to you as a legal obligation (MiFID2 / MiFIR), in order to help you understand the nature, risks, costs, benefits and potential losses that result from these products and to help you compare them.

At the customers’ request, the Treasury of OTP Bank Romania can offer quotations for the following derivatives:

It is important to note that for any of the above-mentioned products, the Treasury of OTP Bank Romania does not offer advisory services or portfolio management.


Investment Funds

Essential information for investors

The documents presented below contain essential information for investors regarding the investment funds distributed by OTP Bank România S.A. These are not advertising materials. The information is provided to you as required by law to help you understand the nature, risks, costs, potential gains and losses arising from this product and to help you compare it to other products. You are invited to read them in order to make informed decisions. OTP Bank Romania S.A. does not provide investment advisory. The decision to invest is solely yours.

OTP ComodisRO, Cod ISIN ROFDIN0001C1

OTP Obligatiuni, Cod ISIN ROFDIN0001B3

OTP Euro Bond, Cod ISIN ROFDIN0001J6

OTP Dollar Bond, Cod ISIN ROFDIN0001X7

OTP AvantisRO, Cod ISIN ROFDIN0001A5 – clasa L, Cod ISIN ROSVN4MSPVU1 – clasa E

OTP Premium Return, Cod ISIN ROFDIN0002A3 – clasa L, Cod ISIN ROWCCOX2WA39 – clasa E

OTP Dinamic, Cod ISIN ROFDIN000283 – clasa E, Cod ISIN ROP3FK904N51 – clasa L

OTP Global Mix, Cod ISIN ROFDIN000275 – clasa L, Cod ISIN ROMIO2XT91C7 – clasa E

OTP Real Estate & Construction, Cod ISIN ROTOW22GGA16 – clasa L, Cod ROVP3REGBOA5 – clasa E

OTP Innovation, Cod ISIN ROIEYB64C367 - clasa L, Cod ISIN ROA8NEKOZ1V1 - clasa E

OTP Expert, Cod ISIN ROFDIN0002G0 - clasa L, Cod ISIN RO7EBFDIH415 - clasa E

Suggestions / Complaints

Please send us your suggestions or complaints about our financial investment products and services by using one of the following communication channels:

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