We would like to draw your attention to the increase in spoofing fraud attempts, where attackers call potential victims from a phone number that appears to be the bank's and pose as employees of financial institutions. We advise you to be vigilant and not to share confidential data such as bank account access credentials (IB) or bank card security data with anyone.


Term deposits

OTP Bank offers you a high degree of flexibility to choose the optimal combination between the setup period, the interest payment method, as well as the currency in which you want to save.
  • The interest rate is fixed until the deposit maturity date
  • The deposit can be set up in a number of currencies
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Flexible Maturity Deposits

You have control over the receipts and payments you make, and we support you with adaptable solutions for your business.
  • You can choose any time you want to set up the deposits
  • You set the maturity of the deposits
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Deposits with Prepaid Interest Rate

The Deposits with Prepaid Interest Rate is ideal when you want to get the interest in the current account on the day of its set up.
  • You receive the interest in the current account on the day of the deposit's set up
  • The interest rate is fixed throughout the validity period of the deposit
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Performance Guarantee Deposits

This deposit will help you both in relation to the beneficiaries of the services of your business, but also with the state institutions, where this working process is manadatory, by law.
  • The deposit is available in LEI, EUR and USD
  • Fixed annual interest for the amount deposited
  • The amount and the set up period are established according to the contract or the award documentation
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Assets Security Deposit

The Assets Security Deposit is addressed to employees of state-owned companies, authorities, private companies and public institutions, who are required by law to provide a cash guarantee in order to be liable for the management of their assets.
  • The money accumulate an interest equal to that of a 12-months term deposit for legal entities
  • The guarantee account is opened in lei, on behalf of the company for a period of 12 months
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