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If you are in charge of managing 

the funds for the owners' association, OTP Bank helps you to efficiently manage the association's money without having to go to the bank. 

What does the Owners' Associations package offer you? 

otp bank

0.10% interest bonus for all standard deposits set up for a month or more through Internet Banking and SmartBank;

otp bank

Free of charge Internet Banking subscription for one user;

otp bank

Free of charge administration for an unlimited number of bank accounts, regardless of their currency.


The monthly subscription for the Owners' Associations Package is FREE OF CHARGE!*

Use the services and products calculator and find the solution best suited for your business.


Please come to any OTP Bank unit to receive the information necessary to get the Owners' Associations package.  


The Owners' Associations package helps you to easily manage the finances of the association you represent!


*if the average monthly credit balance of the current accounts in RON in the month prior to the one when the subscription is paid for is higher than or equal to RON 5,000, or RON 18/month if the average credit balance is less than RON 5,000.