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Through these complete solutions, you can choose the right way for your business: financial incasso, documentary incasso or guaranteed documentary incasso.
  • The fees are reduced considerably
  • The emittance and endorsement of documents are easy and the payment is fast
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International Trade Services: Letter of Credit

In order to have the guarantee that international payments are made by an instrument with the highest degree of security, OTP Bank issues for you the Letter of Credit.
  • Safety given by the protection of the interests of all parties concerned
  • Independence in relation to the basic contractual relationship
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Bank Letter of Guarantee

When you own a business, it is important to eliminate as many risks as possible in order to achieve your objectives.
OTP Bank provides for you the solution: the bank letter of guarantee.
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Treasury Products

OTP Bank puts at your disposal a number of Treasury Services and Products available to help you protect your business against currency risk.
Our solutions are specially designed for the smooth running of your business.
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