START-UP Nation Romania 

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The Start-up Nation program is a designed to encourage and stimulate the establishment of small and medium enterprises, implemented by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism (MET) through the Agencies for Small and Medium Enterprises, Attracting Investment and Export Promotion (AIMMAIPE). The program is addressed to all companies in Romania that were established after 01.01.2020.

Contribution of at least 5% of the eligible expenses, plus all ineligible expenses from the project

Non-reimbursable financing in a percentage of maximum 95% of the value of the eligible expenses related to the investment project

Guaranteed and counter-guaranteed bridge credit, within the Program, through FNGCIMM / other guarantee funds, up to 80% of the credit value

What are the advantages of the Start-up Nation Romania program?

  • The maximum amount of RON 200,000 / beneficiary for start-ups that assume the creation and maintenance of two jobs through the Program, or maximum RON 100,000 / beneficiary for start-ups that assume the creation and maintenance of a single job work through the Program, which may represent maximum95% of the amount of eligible expenditure (including VAT for non-paying companies) related to the project;

  • The costs generated by obtaining the Bridge loan can be budgeted through the Project;

  • Repayment obligations are guaranteed by FNGCIMM / other guarantee funds, as appropriate, up to 80%.

How can you benefit from the Start-up Nation program?

  • 1.  Apply in the portal  and choose OTP Bank Romania, as a partner bank in this program.

  • 2. Fill in the identification data and submit the online funding application in the application developed by MAT.

  • 3. Following application, your project will be evaluated on the basis of an evaluation grid.

  • 4. After the project has been evaluated and selected for financing, you will sign with MAT, through the Agency for SMEs, the non-reimbursable financing contract;

  • 5. If necessary, you can ask us for pre-financing of loans (bridge loans) and / or co-financing of the project;

  • 6.  After the signing of the grant agreements, the implementation of the project will start;

  • 7. OTP Bank Romania will further transfer the allowance to your account, upon receipt of the agreement from the Ministry.

Eligibility criteria

The Beneficiary is eligible under the Program if at the date of granting the loan it cumulatively meets the eligibility criteria provided in the Order of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism no. 1.111 / 2022 on the approval of the Procedure for the implementation of the Program for stimulating the establishment of small and medium enterprises “Start-up Nation —ROMANIA”, with subsequent amendments and completions, as well as the eligibility criteria of the bank.

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