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In order to support your company 

when facing unfavourable gaps between collection and payment terms, we provide a short-term financing alternative. 


The short-term cash loan is a credit facility designed for payment of current stringent obligations (supply of raw materials, other materials, fuel, energy, taxes, current fees and other current operations), financing stocks (especially for companies with seasonal activity or a long cycle of manufacture) and VAT financing for investments.

What advantages does the short-term cash loan offer you?

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You will secure the payments to the budget and suppliers;

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The financing period is up to 12 months and the reimbursement is made in monthly instalments;

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You can use the loan in one or more instalments, according to the intended purpose;

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The loan may be granted in various currencies, usually consistent with the currency in which your company must make payments.


Would you like to take out a short-term cash loan? Find out here what are the documents necessary for the loan analysis.


With OTP Bank your business will never suffer on account of the gap between collection and payment terms!