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For the balanced cash flow 

of your business we provide you with a particularly useful tool to finance your current expenses.


Take the overdraft from OTP Bank and benefits will soon appear: you will be able to negotiate more favourable terms with your suppliers and your payments to your partners will be up to date.

What advantages does the overdraft from OTP Bank offer you?

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The overdraft may be provided in RON or EUR, for up to 12 months, with possibility of extension;

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The formalities for granting the overdraft are simplified;

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There is no need to submit supporting documents for the amounts used of this facility;

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The maximum amount of this facility is equivalent to the company's monthly average turnover;

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It is a revolving facility, as it may be used for any cash payment and withdrawal allowed by the law;

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In addition, the cash collected in the current account reduces the amount reimbursable and thereby the interest paid.


Additionally, if you are eligible and you want to contract a loan with a maximum amount of EUR 300,000 (equivalent in RON), in relation to the annual turnover, the overdraft can be obtained quickly without real estate guarantees. Moreover, you can apply 100% ONLINE, directly on the https://www.otpdirekt.ro/credit-racheta platform and only after a few simple steps, we can offer you a quick response, in maximum 24 hours.