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The multi-currency, multi-borrower, multi-use loan limit 

is a loan product intended for OTP Bank clients or groups of clients and designed to cover a wide range of financial and cash needs related to the operational activity.


This type of product offers a flexible financing structure for 12 months under a loan contract.


The facility is set in a single reference currency and thereunder OTP Bank can provide you with cash and non-cash financing in various currencies.

What advantages does the multi-currency, multi-borrower, multi-use loan limit offer you?

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Multi-currencythe amounts may be in RON or various foreign currencies

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Multi-borrower – the amounts used from the limit may be made available to any group entities that have signed the loan contract; 

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Multi-use – the facility may be used both as cash and non-cash (Overdraft, Credit line, Cash loan, issuance of letters of guarantee, opening of letters of credit, Cheque endorsements):

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The guarantee package is set up for the entire limit and therefore the guarantee contracts are accessories to a single Loan contract, without the need to prepare them again for each amount used.


Are you interested in the multi-currency multi-use loan limit? Find out what are the documents necessary for the loan analysis.


OTP Bank provides you with a  loan product with a flexible financing structure, tailor-made to your specific needs!