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Multi-currency, Multi-borrower, Multi-use Loan Limit

If you are looking for a complex service, but one that perfectly suits your financial and treasury needs, then opt for a multi-currency loan limit that can be granted at the level of the group of companies, using different financing products, cash and non-cash, in different currencies, for a certain period of time, within a maximum limit. Only under a contract, you enjoy a flexible financing structure over a period of 12 months.




Advantages of multi-currency, multi-borrower, multi-use loan limit:

  • Multi-currency The uses can be made in lei or in other foreign currencies;

  • Multi-use: Distinctive loan facilities, cash or non-cash (Overdraft, line of credit, cash loan, issuing letters of guarantee, letters of credit, endorsing cheques);

  • Multi-borrower: The limit uses can be made by any of the group members, signers of the credit agreement;

  • Efficiency: The guarantee package is set up for the entire limit, and it is not necessary to restore them for each use.

How to get the multi-currency, multi-use multi-borrower loan limit?

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