Medium-term Cash Loan

Medium-term Cash Loan

Whatever you have planned, you can enjoy all our help for your developing company. If you need convenient financing for your business and want to manage your resources more efficiently, then this type of loan is for you. Be quick, choose smart.

You can use the amounts for the current activity

The granting period is of maximum 60 months

Specialized counselling

What are the advantages of the Medium-term Cash Loan?

  • You can use the amounts for the current activity, but also for refinancing other facilities in progress;

  • The granting period is of maximum 60 months;

  • You have the possibility of granting a grace period of maximum 3 months for reimbursement of principal installments;

  • Flexible guarantee structure;

  • Specialized counselling;

How to get the Medium-term Cash Loan?

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