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Since your business cannot stand idle 

we provide with the general all-purpose loan. Thus, you will be able to support your current business or your planned investments. Moreover, if you register an annual turnover of maximum 5 million eur, you can apply 100% ONLINE, directly on the https://www.otpdirekt.ro/credit-racheta platform and only after a few simple steps, we can offer you a quick response, in maximum 24 hours.

What advantages does the general all-purpose loan offer you?

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It covers your general all-purpose expenses;

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It allows refinancing other loans taken for the same purpose;

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The maximum loan amount is EUR 300,000 (or equivalent in RON);

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The loan period is up to 84 months;

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No supporting documents are required for the loan amounts used;

Give your business another chance and choose a financial product that you can use for general expenses, without supporting documents.