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We had your company's financial 

needs in mind when we decided to sign collaboration agreements with FNGCIMM (National Loan Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), FGCR (Rural Loan Guarantee Fund IFN S.A.) and Romania's Export - Import Bank - EximBank.


With the help of these financing partners, OTP Bank gives you access to additional guarantees offered by the three institutions. Moreover, with a flexible operational structure and a developing network, the cooperation with any of the three partners contributes to the financing of your company's projects.


Therefore, under the Guarantee Ceiling Agreement for SME’s concluded with EximBank S.A, OTP Bank gives you access to additional guarantees offered by EximBank that facilitates the access to financing products for current activity and for implementation of your company’s projects. The maximum amount of an individual guarantee will not exceed 1.5 million lei.


Moreover, based on the Frame Convention – Guarantee Limit – OPTIMM Product, FNGCIMM will guarantee the obligations to reimburse the individual loan facilities for working capital needs, granted by the Bank to SME clients, with an individual guarantee of up to 200.000 lei (equivalent in foreign currency) and with no further real guarantees required.


In addition, the farmers who carry out activities in the agricultural/zootechnical or aquaculture sector, private beneficiaries of PNDR 2014-2020 and POPAM 2014-2020 and public beneficiaries such as local councils, LAG (local action groups), organizations or federations of water users for irrigation, cult institutes, etc, can benefit from the guarantees issued by the FNGCIMM, in order to obtain financing solutions for the acquisition of agricultural land, for agricultural production, implementation of investment projects, etc, acccording to the GEO no. 43/2013.

What advantages does this partnership offer you?

otp bank

A quick, complete and professional response from our partners to any request from our clients;

otp bank

If you want a higher loan, our partners secure up to 80% of our loans;

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Access to quality consultancy and business solutions from OTP Bank specialists.

Together with its three financing partners, OTP Bank contributes to the sustainable financing of your projects.