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Financing Partnership with FNGCIMM, FGCR, EximBank

Because we are thinking of the well-being of your business, we have signed collaboration agreements with the National Loan Guarantee Fund for SMEs, the IFN Rural Loan Guarantee Fund and the Export-Import Bank of Romania - EximBank. Thus, you enjoy additional guarantees and a flexible operational structure to finance your company's projects.

Quick, complete and professional response from partners

Quality consultancy and business solutions

If you need a higher loan, you get a guarantee of maximum 80% from our partners

What are the advantages of financing partnerships?

  • Quick, complete and professional response from partners;

  • Quality consultancy and business solutions;

  • If you need a higher loan, you get a guarantee of maximum 80% from our partners;

  • Based on the SME Guarantee Limit Agreement concluded with EximBank, you can obtain guarantees of up to 1.5 million lei for current activities or investments;

  • Based on the Framework Agreement for Guarantee Limit - OPTIMM product, FNGCIMM will guarantee the obligation of reimbursement by issuing individual guarantees of up to 400,000 lei or equivalent in foreign currency and without the need to present real accessory guarantees;

  • Additionally, if you carry out activities in the agriculture / zooculture or aquaculture sector, and you are a private beneficiary of the programs PNDR 2014-2020 and POPAM 2014-2020, Local Council, GAL, OUAI / FOUAI, FLAG, NGO or religious institute, you can benefit from guarantees issued by FNGCIMM in optimal conditions for obtaining financing solutions for the acquisition of agricultural land, agricultural production, completion of investment projects, etc., according to the provisions of GEO no. 43/2013, as subsequently amended and supplemented.

How to benefit from the financing partnership?

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