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Do you need a trusted partner in order to develop your business?

OTP Bank offers you a QUICK loan to buy new assets like working equipment, medical equipment or for transportation equipment. Now you can obtain this type of loan inclusive ONLINE, right into Internet Banking OTPdirekt platform or you can apply 100% ONLINE, directly on the https://www.otpdirekt.ro/credit-racheta platform and only after a few simple steps, we can offer you a quick response, in maximum 24 hours.

What advantages does the fast equipment loan offer you?

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Approval in 24 hours;

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The value of the loan is up to RON 150,000, but not more than 70% of the price of the purchased equipment (without VAT); 

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The loan period is up to 60 months; 

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You can benefit from a grace period of up to 6 months for the payment of the principal; 

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No real estate-backed securities. In order to secure the loan facility we only require:
Mortgage on all current accounts opened with OTP Bank;
Surety contract
Mortgage on all assets purchased by loan.



OTP Bank immediately gives you the money you need for the success of your business! ! If you meet certain minimum eligibility criteria, you can choose to obtain this type of loan inclusive ONLINE, quickly, in just a few simple steps.