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The cash account limit 

is a revolving loan product made available to you by OTP Bank to cover the temporary liquidity shortage by quickly turning receivables into cash.

What advantages does the cash account limit offer you?

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The financing is up to 80% of the value of the secured payment instruments/invoices assigned in favour of the bank;

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The amounts released from the limit can be reimbursed within a maximum of 90 calendar days;

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The facility may be granted for up to 18 months, with a period of 12 months of withdrawals;

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The reimbursement of the facility up to the amount of the principal and the payment of the interest are carried out by collecting the assigned invoices and/or cheques and/or promissory notes mortgaged in favour of the bank;

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Cash may be drawn at any time during the credit period, without exceeding the limit and the validity set out in the loan contract.

If you want to take a loan in the maximum amount of EUR 300,000 (or RON equivalent),but no more than 30% of the annual turnover, you will get a fast approval and a simplified analysis. In this case, the facility may be granted for up to 15 months, with a period of 12 months of withdrawals.


Are you interested in the cash account limit? Find out here what are the documents necessary for the credit analysis.


With OTP Bank you make sure that the liquidity shortage will not become an issue and will always be ready to capitalise on any business opportunity.