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In order for you to be able to pay 

the VAT on the investments you want to make, OTP Bank has created the VAT financing loan, a product that may be granted for projects funded by European resources and for projects funded by own resources. 

What are your advantages?

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It is a flexible instrument with which you can finance up to 100% of the VAT on the investment project;

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The loan period is up to 30 months for revolving loans, or up to 18 months respectively for non-revolving loans;

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It can be used to finance both eligible and ineligible VAT on projects funded by European resources;

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The loan is reimbursed as you recover the relevant amounts from the state budget.The guarantee structure accepted by OTP Bank is flexible, depending on the specificity of the project and the type of activity. Guarantees provided by the Guarantee Funds with which OTP Bank has concluded cooperation agreements are also accepted.


Please come to any OTP Bank office to find a flexible solution for your projects.