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European funds

Loan for Projects Funded from European Funds

OTP Bank offers you flexible financial solutions for projects supported by European Funds.
  • Financing of up to 100% of the value of the grant
  • These may be in the form of bridge-type loans for pre-financing Non-refundable European Funds or in the form of Investment Loans for financing eligible and ineligible expenses
  • It can be granted in both LEI and EUR
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Loan for VAT Financing

Pay the VAT related to the investments you want to make through a special loan created by OTP Bank for the VAT financing. This loan can be granted both for projects implemented using European Funds and for those implemented from own resources.
  • You can finance up to 100% of the VAT related to the investment project
  • It can be used both for financing the eligible and ineligible VAT within the projects implemented from European funds
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Comfort Letter

In order to demonstrate the co-financing potential of the project you want to develop, OTP Bank helps you by issuing a Comfort Letter, so that you can prove trust easier and easier for your future partners.
The comfort letter will demonstrate the co-financing potential for both eligible and non-eligible expenses.
  • The currency of the Comfort Letter is correlated with that of the loan requested for the project and for which it is requested
  • The maximum validity period can be 180 days from the issuance, correlated with the financing structure / loan requested

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Letter of Guarantee

OTP Bank helps you obtain the financing needed for your project by issuing a letter of guarantee in order to demonstrate the ability to reimburse your pre-financing or advance.
  • The letters of guarantee may be issued for a maximum period of 36 months, correlated with the provisions of the financing contract
  • The maximum amount is up to 110% from the total received from the contract authority
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