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European Funded Project Loan

Do you need support to access non-repayable European funds? OTP Bank provides you with very flexible financing solutions for the successful implementation of your project.

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OTP Bank

VAT Financing Loan

In order for you to be able to pay  the VAT on the investments you want to make, OTP Bank has created the VAT financing loan, a product that may be granted for projects funded by European resources…
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OTP Bank

Comfort Letter

In order to access European funds  you must demonstrate your capacity to co-finance the project you want to develop.   OTP Bank helps you to do this by issuing a comfort letter to certify your…
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OTP Bank

Letter of Guarantee

OTP Bank helps you to get financing  for your project by issuing letters of guarantee in order to demonstrate your capacity to reimburse the pre-financing/advance payment.  What are your advantages?…
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The bank goes wherever you go and is always open. The OTPdirekt SmartBank application is free for terminals with Android or iOS operating systems. If you have a phone using a different operating system, you can access the address otpdirekt.ro directly from your browser and have the same functions and facilities.

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News OTP Bank

OTP Bank Romania and Eurobank Fund Management Luxembourg signed an agreement for the distribution of investment funds in Romania

OTP Bank Romania signed a partnership with Eurobank Fund Management Company (Luxembourg) for the distribution of investment funds in Romania. Thus, from December 1st, OTP Bank Romania becomes the distributor and paying agent in Romania for mutual investment funds managed by Eurobank Fund Management.

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The shareholders of OTP Leasing Romania approved a capital increase of RON 5.5 million

The shareholders of OTP Leasing Romania, OTP Bank Romania and Merkantil Bank Hungary, approved a capital increase of RON 5.52 million. The capital increase was made through additional cash contribution, fully paid in RON in the company's main account opened with OTP Bank Romania.

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OTP Bank Romania doubles the IT team to support its digital development plans

OTP Bank Romania doubles its IT team in order to support its digital development plans for next year. In the process of constantly improving customer experience with the bank’s services, OTP Bank Romania seeks IT specialists opened to innovation, performance and new opportunities, to contribute to the implementation of the digitization strategy.

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OTP Bank Romania announces an almost double profit at the end of the Q3 2018, of RON 68.7 million

OTP Group announces the financial results for the third quarter of 2018. According to the report published in Budapest, which presents the consolidated result adjusted in accordance with the Group’s reporting standards, OTP Bank Romania recorded a consolidated after-tax profit of RON 68.7 million (EUR 15.09 milion), in the first 9 months of the year, almost twice as much as in the base period.

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