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In order for the money to work 

for your company every day, OTP Bank gives you now the opportunity to correlate the maturity of deposits with the due dates of collection and payments arising from your company's business. 

What advantages does the deposit with flexible maturity offer you?

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Complete freedom in the choice of the period for setting up the deposits, whether you need the funds in 42, 78 or... 231 days!

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Set the maturity of deposits yourself by choosing any term between 1 and 24 months for deposits in RON, EUR and USD, and any term between 1 and 12 months for deposits in GPB, CHF and HUF.


For more information please refer to the interest rates for Legal Entities.


Choose the deposit with flexible maturity and benefit from a favourable interest rate, fixed until maturity.


OTP Bank Romania S.A. is a participant of the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund in Romania and its depositors benefit from a guarantee, by payment of compensations, of eligible constituted deposits, within the coverage limit as established periodically by law, currently amounting to the lei equivalent of 100.000 EUR for each account holder. This level of coverage was established by Law No. 311/2015 concerning deposit guarantee schemes and the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, as published in the Official Journal No. 918 from December 11th, 2015. According to law, the notion of a „deposit” means any credit balance, including the interest due, resulting from funds in an account or in transitory situations, deriving from current banking transactions, which the bank should repay, according to applicable legal and contractual conditions, including term deposits and savings accounts and which are not included in the list of situations mentioned in the Law specifically as not entering the category of these deposits (art. 3 (5)) of the law mentioned, detailing the credit balances which are not included in the deposit categories defined above). The notion of a „coverage limit” is the maximum level of the guarantee per guaranteed depositor and bank, applicable according to art. 61 par. (3).


Additional information for depositors is available under section „Information for depositors”, including the list of deposits excluded from guarantee.

For more details please visit the website: www.fgdb.ro.