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The OTPdirekt – Push Notification/ SMS Alerts

includes several types of alerts, depending on the information you want to receive. This way, you will receive SMS notifications every time your financial status changes.



Account balance:

At the beginning of the day you are informed on the balance of your chosen account (current account, savings or card account), so that you can plan your resources. You can choose to receive daily, weekly or monthly notifications.


Account control:

You receive an alert for every payment or transfer from/into your account or only when the transferred amount exceeds a certain limit established by you. Each alert will also tell you what the new available balance is for the account on which the debiting/crediting transaction took place.


Bank card control:

You get an alert every time your card or subcard is used for: payments at merchants, cash withdrawals, but also when you enter your PIN incorrectly or have insufficient funds. The alert includes detailed information regarding the time, location, amount used and balance available after the transaction.


NBR exchange rate:

You will receive the daily NBR exchange rates (Monday to Friday) immediately after 1:00 p.m. (for the most important currencies: EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, HUF). The received exchange rates will be valid for the next banking day.


Deposit maturity:

You get an alert 3 working days before the maturity of your deposit, regardless of the deposit type or maturity option. The alert includes information regarding: the deposit amount, deposit account alias, interest, maturity option and maturity date.



You receive an alert starting with 7:00 p.m. in case your account is garnished. The alert includes information regarding: the garnished amount, currency and file number.


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