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If you have taken out a credit line

or a fixed interest rate loan, you can make drawdowns from those facilities through the Internet Banking service by simply signing an addendum.


The bank allows you to process them after having met all of the following requirements:

  • The revolving credit line or fixed interest rate loan has been used completely;
  • There are no outstanding taxes/fees/interests or garnishments;
  • All the fees due to the Bank that have become chargeable according to the Special Terms have been paid;
  • No Event of Default has occurred or is continuing;
  • The electronic drawdown application should include the intended use of the loan drawdown, which is in accordance with Article I-1 Object of the Contract of the loan contract;
  • The credit line is not covered by the Mihail Kogalniceanu programme;
  • The credit line does not specify “100% coverage from debt instruments” as term and the credit line is not granted within a certain limit.