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With OTPdirekt – Internet Banking

you can check your financial statements and make any transaction you want in a fast, convenient and safe manner, wherever you are.  

What can you use OTPdirekt Internet Banking? 


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payments in RON or foreign currency to beneficiaries with accounts at any bank in Romania or abroad;

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scheduled and periodical payments;

otp bank

foreign exchanges/transfer of amounts between your accounts;

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set up/review/liquidation of deposits; deposits in RON or EUR set up by using OTPdirekt – Internet Banking have an interest bonus of 0.20% and 0.10%, respectively;

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you can create payment templates in RON or foreign currency;

otp bank

you can generate statements of account for a period of up to 12 months;

otp bank

you can transfer funds to your card whenever you need money, even at night or in the week-end;

otp bank

you can pay telephone bills (Orange, Telekom Romania Communications S.A.) and utility bills (Harviz Harghita). Find out here how you can pay your bills. 

otp bank

you can find detailed information about your transactions, accounts and cards;

otp bank

you can find detailed information on your loans, insurance policies and outstanding payments, regardless of their origin;

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you can invest in open investment funds without being restricted by the working hours of the territorial units. Find out here how you can invest through OTPdirekt – Internet Banking;

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you can carry out transactions during extended hours compared to the bank offices (even at night or during week-ends);

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you can communicate with the bank.

The safety of the service and of your money is guaranteed by the dynamic token identification, as well as by the SSL encryption.


A further advantage of the service is that the fees for payments made through OTPdirekt - Internet Banking are 50% lower than those charged in OTP Bank offices, while balance inquiry and getting the statement of account are free. 

Do you want to manage your income and expenses more efficiently?

OTP Bank offers you the MyMentor tool for the management of your personal finances, available on the OTPdirekt – Internet Banking platform.


MyMentor users have access to the following functions:

  • Classification of income and expenses;
  • Management and break up of transactions in different categories;
  • Automatic classification of card expenses;
  • Display of income and expenses charts.

Do you want to activate the OTPdirekt - Internet Banking service? 

Fill the form and an OTP Bank consultant will contact you shortly. 


Do you want to pay your telephone bills? 

Do you want to pay your telephone bills?

Access the Operations menu from the OTPdirekt - Internet Banking application, choose Domestic payments/transfers and select “Telekom Romania Communications S.A. Payment” from the “Choose beneficiary” drop-down list.


Fill in the fields as follows:

Amount: the payment amount mentioned in the invoice;


Payment order number: the number you assigned to the payment order for the payment of the bill


First and last name of the invoice recipient: first and last name of the Telekom Romania Communications S.A. subscriber who was invoiced


Invoicing code (subscriber code): invoicing code mentioned in the invoice;


Invoice telephone number: telephone number of the invoice recipient (preceded by the prefix)


Payment object:

  • if the payment is associated to the current invoice, then select the Invoice option;
  • if the payment represents the service installation fee, then select the Installation fee option;
  • if the payment represents the fee for termination of the contract concluded with Telekom Romania Communications S.A., then select the Final account option;
  • if you want to make a payment to the Telekom Romania Communications S.A. account before the issue of the current invoice, then select the Early payment option.


Due date: the due date specified in the invoice.


Do you want to invest in open funds by using OTPdirekt Internet Banking? 

In order to subscribe to one of the investment funds administered by OTP Asset Management Romania through OTPdirekt – Internet Banking, you must first subscribe to the fund in question from a local office. On this occasion, you agree to subsequent subscriptions without filling in forms at the Bank office.


From that moment on, you can subscribe anytime, from anywhere, through OTPdirekt, to any of the open investment funds managed by OTP Asset Management Romania.

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Do you want more


Read the information from the downloadable .pdf documents or contact us, and we will answer all your questions. 

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