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This service 

is provided by certSIGN through OTP Bank.

What advantages does the  digital electronic signature certificate offer you? 

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Filing tax returns, including the 112 Statement with ANAF (the Romanian Tax Authority) for an unlimited number of small and medium enterprises;

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Signing of electronic documents, conferring them the same value as a printed document bearing a holograph signature;

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Sending electronic information to other state institutions.


How can you obtain the digital electronic signature certificate?

Following submission of the necessary documents at OTP Bank offices you can receive the digital electronic signature certificate either at the bank subsidiary where you purchased it or at the address specified by you.

The digital electronic signature certificate also provides you with the following tools: 

  • Qualified digital certificate;
  • Cryptographic device required for storing the certificate;
  • ClickSIGN, the electronic signature and encryption application;
  • 60 free time stamps per month, for one year;


Package price:

  • Standard - EUR 47, without VAT;
  • Active CECCAR members – EUR 42*, without VAT;
  • Active APEC members – EUR 43**, without VAT;


Price for renewal of the electronic signature package after 12 months:

  • Standard – EUR 30, without VAT;
  • Active CECCAR members – EUR 27, without VAT;
  • Active APEC members – EUR 28, without VAT;


The digital certificate can be renewed at OTP Bank, regardless of the company/bank from which it was initially purchased.


* under the certSIGN-CECCAR partnership
** under the certSIGN-APEC partnership

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Do you want more details?

Read the information from the downloadable .pdf documents or contact us, and we will answer all your questions. 

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