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Current account for VAT split payment

OTP Bank Romania SA offers you the possibility to open current accounts for the VAT split payment, adding the following benefits:

  • FREE of charge VAT account opening, regardless of how many accounts you open, in any currency;
  • FREE of charge VAT account management;
  • FREE of charge intra-bank payment orders in LEI through OTPDirekt and over the counter;
  • FREE of charge intra-bank and inter-bank incomings in current accounts.


For more details and opening a current account for the VAT split payment, we invite you to any of the territorial units of OTP Bank Romania SA .

Be our partner in front of your computer!


Now it's easier than ever to open your online current account package of products and services including card and Internet Banking.


If you do not have an account opened at OTP Bank Romania, you can apply for the new business solution that we offer you through the platform www.otpdirekt.ro/cont-imm-rapid .

Thus, through a few simple steps online, you will receive the following benefits:

otp bank

You have fast access to a simplified flow to obtain the product or service suitable for your business;

otp bank

Upload the required documents for account opening;

otp bank

You can save the registration progress and you can resume when it is convenient for you;

otp bank

You choose the desired unit and you pay a single visit to sign the contractual documents;

otp bank

You receive the documents in advance.


How can you open online a current account with OTP Bank?

It’s easy to open online a current account with our bank in different currency RON, EUR, USD, HUF, CHF and GBP completing the online questionnaire.


Answering the just few questions, uploading the required documentation, together identifying the best products and services for your business and the current account will be opened in just 45 seconds.


In addition you can request the online opening of a current account even if you are a start-up company recently set up, by accessing the www.otpdirekt.ro/cont-imm-rapid.

Form for submission of legal entities payment orders

Starting with 02.05.2019 the submission of payment orders in lei and/or in currency at the Bank's counters by a delegate of a legal entity will be mandatory made based on a form signed by the persons with signature right in OTP Bank Romania S.A.


You can download the form here.

Do you want more information?

For more information please refer to the documents on taxes and fees, OUR fees or ReGIS/SENT fees associated to transactions for Legal Entities. In addition you can also refer to term deposit interest rates, Fiscal Compliance Statement and Group Statement.

Thanks to banking experience and stability, OTP Bank is a reliable business partner.

Dear customer, we inform you that, due to the growing number of banks in liquidation from Ukraine, any payment made to this country can register processing delays.

There won't be initiated business relationships, including current account opening, acceptance and/or carrying out any funds/ conducting transactions for individuals/legal entities with residence/citizenship in the counties listed here and of those whose authorized representatives have residency/citizenship in the countries listed here.


Moreover, please note that OTP Bank Romania S.A. is a participant of the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund in Romania and its depositors benefit from a guarantee, by payment of compensations, of eligible constituted deposits, within the coverage limit as established periodically by law, currently amounting to the lei equivalent of 100.000 EUR for each account holder. This level of coverage was established by Law No. 311/2015 concerning deposit guarantee schemes and the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, as published in the Official Journal No. 918 from December 11th, 2015. According to law, the notion of a „deposit” means any credit balance, including the interest due, resulting from funds in an account or in transitory situations, deriving from current banking transactions, which the bank should repay, according to applicable legal and contractual conditions, including term deposits and savings accounts and which are not included in the list of situations mentioned in the Law specifically as not entering the category of these deposits (art. 3 (5)) of the law mentioned, detailing the credit balances which are not included in the deposit categories defined above). The notion of a „coverage limit” is the maximum level of the guarantee per guaranteed depositor and bank, applicable according to art. 61 par.(3).


Additional information for depositors is available under section „Information for depositors”, including the list of deposits excluded from guarantee.

For more details please visit the website: www.fgdb.ro.