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For updating personal data or company data and legal / conventional representatives

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OTP Bank has created a special account 

for its clients consisting of Offices of Court Enforcement Officers (BEJ) or Professional Civil Companies of Court Enforcement Officers.


The consignment account of court enforcement officer allows the management of amounts from enforcement proceedings by performing consignment operations. 

What advantages will you benefit from? 

otp bank

No minimum amount for opening this account;

otp bank

The amounts for consignment purposes are received by cash deposits and/or bank transfer, while the consigned amounts are released/distributed in cash and/or by transfer by order of the account holder;

otp bank

The account may be opened both in RON and in foreign currency (EUR, USD, HUF and CHF);

otp bank

No fees* for the transactions through this account (also applicable to ReGIS/SENT fees, if any, and to scheduled and unscheduled cash withdrawal fee); 


How can you open a consignment account of court enforcement officer?


Please come to any  OTP Bank unit to provide you with the information necessary to open a consignment account.

Please refer to all the information on the taxes and fees associated to transactions for Legal Entities.


Choose your consignment account from OTP Bank and the most complicated issues will be easily solved when you have the proper solutions for your business needs!


* exception: SWIFT fees and correspondent banks' fees in case of foreign currency payments.