We would like to draw your attention to the increase in spoofing fraud attempts, where attackers call potential victims from a phone number that appears to be the bank's and pose as employees of financial institutions. We advise you to be vigilant and not to share confidential data such as bank account access credentials (IB) or bank card security data with anyone.

The Visa Business debit card from OTP Bank brings you a qualified digital signature

When you need more time for your business, it means that a change isnecessary. That is why OTP Bank together with Visa and Trans Sped propose a new innovative digital solution: the qualified digital signature.

The qualified digital signature has the same legal value as the handwritten one and is a 100% secure solution for your business.

With the help of the qualified digital signature, you will save time when you have to sign various digital documents, such as ANAF tax forms, documents related to banks or CNAS, contracts with business partners and much more.

Between 30.07.2020 - 31.10.2020 you can receive qualified digital signature for your company free of charge, if you have received the campaign message by e-mail or SMS and use your Visa Business debit card for POS transactions.

The prizes will be awarded at the end of the campaign period, according to the Official Campaign Regulations.

You can participate in the campaign with all Visa Business debit cards issued by OTP Bank that you hold.

All you have to do to receive the qualified digital signature for free is to make transactions at POS* with a cumulated value of at least 500 lei, in each month of the campaign, as follows:

  • Month 1 of the campaign (30.07.2020 - 31.08.2020) - Eligible transactions with a cumulated value of at least 500 lei;

  • Month 3 of the campaign (01.10.2020 - 31.10.2020) - Eligible transactions with a cumulated value of at least 500 lei.

  • Luna 3 de campanie (01.10.2020 – 31.10.2020) - Tranzacții eligibile cu o valoare cumulată de minimum 500 lei.

  • More details on the conditions of participation and the awarding of prizes found in the official Regulations of the campaign.

  • * POS transactions mean commercial transactions with no amount limit, made through the cards included in the campaign, both online and in physical locations in the country or abroad. Transactions carried out in "gambling" locations, casinos, bookmakers and for cash withdrawals from ATMs, POS, cashiers, bank counters etc. are not considered eligible. Also not included are card transactions resulting from charging an account, card, application, money transfer through and from a digital application / wallet, internet transactions for the purpose of money transfer.