POS and e-Commerce

Everything is easier when you have optimized services available, intended to support your business, wherever based, either online or physically located. POS and e-Commerce solutions from OTP Bank help you keep your customers loyal and give them easy access to the range of products you market.

Thus, your company is up-to-date in respect to the current tendencies related to cards payments.

Increased incomes collected from sales and/or service provisions

Receipts are made in the company account

Access to the promotional campaigns organized by VISA, Mastercard and OTP Bank

What are the advantages of POS terminals?

  • Installation and use of fixed or portable GPRS POS terminals, depending on your business needs;

  • Free training of your staff involved in the sale process of products or services;

  • Offer Contactless POS, through which customers can make transactions by card, phone or smartwatch;

  • Operations can be performed up to 100 lei, only by bringing close the card to the POS, without PIN code or signature on the receipt;

  • Non-stop technical assistance through the dedicated Call Center;

  • We settle transactions by Visa and Mastercard cards within 1 working day from the closing of the day on POS;

  • Providing rolls of paper for POS use.
  • From now on, you can choose between a standard POS terminal and OTP POSibil app that you can download on your mobile device with Android operating system, transforming it into a secure ultra-portable POS device.

    Tap your phone and charge with it! Discover OTP POSibil app – by accessing this link.

What are the advantages of e-Commerce?

  • Quick implementation of the solution on the website, regardless of the type of e-Commerce platform chosen (WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart);

  • Increase incomes and manage large volumes of transactions;

  • Access to the testing platform of the processor, that helps you with the operational integration of the online store and making the necessary developments, before being going "live";

  • Customized and optimized payment interface for mobile devices. Receipts are made in the company account;

  • Possibility to implement recurring payments on the website (eg monthly subscriptions);

  • Implementing the 3D Secure standard and applying filters in real time through our integrator, to ensure the security mechanisms of e-Commerce transactions and prevent online fraud;

  • Detailed reports which allow the reconciliation of card transactions on your website, including support for online anti-fraud investigations;

  • Depending on the specifics of the activity, we can integrate the optional recurring payment by card for your customers;

  • The option to integrate the managed website with courier services.

What is the implementation procedure of the e-Commerce solution?

  • Checking the compatibility of the website and signing the acceptance contract for the payment of Visa and Mastercard cards can be done promtly, in one day;
  • The virtual terminal opened by the bank is quickly enrolled in card organizations and our processor/integrator, to allow you access to its test platform, where you can customize, optimize and test the e-Commerce service, depending on the business and operational needs of your company;
  • The prevention of card fraud is an important concern of the bank and its partners, for this purpose e-Commerce transactions to the Full 3D Secure standard are mandatory now and provide you with the necessary comfort when receiving online payments;
  • The specialized technical support provided by the processor / integrator will help you to properly configure the website you manage;
  • The e-Commerce platform will go "live" in a few days from signing the contract and implementing the e-Commerce payment method on the website, including integration with your IT system.

How to get POS and e-Commerce terminals?

Request information by e-mail: pos@otpbank.ro.

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