Bank cards


Between 23rd of November 2020 and 31st of December 2020, the working schedule within all the OTP Bank territorial units will be, from Monday to Friday, between 10 AM and 5 PM.
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Bank cards

Salary Cards

OTP Bank puts at your disposal the salary cards specially designed for the comfort and safety of your employees.
  • Issued under the aegis of Mastercard
  • Ideal payment tool in any situation
  • The perfect solution for your business
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VISA Business Debit Card in LEI or EUR

Now you can enjoy more freedom of movement, and focus on your priorities.
  • Significantly reduced administrative costs
  • 24 hours / 24, 7 days a week access to the funds
  • You have access to millions of points of sale or ATMs displaying the VISA logo, national and international
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VISA Business Silver Credit Card

The plans for your business should be a priority, therefore OTP Bank puts at your disposal a credit card that helps you to grow your business as you wish.
  • No need for supporting documents
  • Maximum limit: 50.000 lei
  • Simple process and reduced documentation for obtaining the card
  • No real estate-backed securities
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Mastercard Corporate in LEI and EURO

Freedom of movement and an exclusive world.

  • You can use the card in any location that displays Mastercard logo in Romania and abroad;

  • Zero card usage fee at merchants, anywhere;

  • Pay more relaxed with your mobile phone through OTPay app for Android phones or through Apple Pay for Apple devices;

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POS and e-Commerce

By using POS and e-Commerce terminals at international standards, 3D Secure, OTP Bank can support your business, wherever based, whether it's the online environment or physical stores.
  • Increased incomes collected from sales and/or service provisions
  • Receipts are made in the company account
  • Access to the promotional campaigns organized by VISA, Mastercard and OTP Bank
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3DSecure Service

3D Secure is an authentification standard for card owners identity that make transactions online.
  • Increased security and comfort when making transactions in the virtual environment
  • No supplimentary fees for accessing the service
  • Entering into a large market of merchants, quality users of 3D Secure
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