OTP POS Package

OTP POS Package

Take care of your customers and offer them payment by card, and you can enjoy reduced fees. The OTP POS package is the best solution for your business. Visit our platform www.otpdirekt.ro/cont-imm-rapid and choose the right services for you.

You have a number of benefits offered free of charge

ZERO fee for interbank payment orders in lei

10 free transactions / month for interbank payments in lei with Internet Banking and Mobile Banking

What are the advantages of the OTP POS package?

  • You have a number of benefits offered free of charge: administration of the current account, installation and maintenance of the POS terminal, issuing and managing the first year of the card, interbank and interbank receipts, OTPdirekt subscription for one user;

  • ZERO fee for interbank payment orders in lei;

  • 10 free transactions / month for interbank payments in lei with Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

  • From now on, you can choose between a standard POS terminal and OTP POSibil app that you can download on your mobile device with Android operating system, transforming it into a secure ultra-portable POS device.

    Tap your phone and charge with it! Discover OTP POSibil app – by accessing this link.

How much is the transaction processing fee by POS, within the OTP POS package?

If you purchase an OTP POS package you get a fee of only 0.70% / transaction, if the monthly turnover is at least 10.000 lei, respectively 0.90% if the amount is less than 10.000 lei.

Exceptions are transactions made with cards issued in / on behalf of legal entities and categories assimilated or made with meal cards, where the fee is 1.80% / transaction regardless of the turnover.

How much does the monthly subscription cost for the OTP POS package?

For the POS package the monthly subscription is 30 lei.

How can you get the OTP POS package?

Apply Online

Access the dedicated platform www.otpdirekt.ro
and choose the optimal solution for you.

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Visit Us

Visit our OTP Bank branch,
and let's discuss the best alternative for you.

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Frequently asked questions

The packages of products and services within OTP Bank Romania are concluded for a period of 12 months, with the possibility of extension for new periods of 12 months each. In the event that it is opted for termination of the package prior to the 12 months from the date of set up and for the non-contracting of another package at a higher price, it is necessary to pay the equivalent of the monthly subscriptions remaining to be paid until the end of the 12 months.

A customer can hold only one type of banking product and service package offered by OTP Bank Romania. However, the „Calculat 25”, „Calculat 50”, „Relaxat 150”, „Relaxat 200” and „Relaxat 300” Packages can be held simultaneously with a package intended for customers - foreign exchange offices, and „Calculat 25” si „Calculat 50” Packages can be held simultaneously with the OTP POS package.

Yes, start-up customers who have a maximum of 12 months from establishment, benefit from the dedicated START-UP HERO package, with significant advantages, if the current account is opened for a maximum of 2 months and you do not hold other packages of banking products and services.

Yes, you will be able to choose another package at a higher price, with higher benefits.

For example, if you currently have the „Calculat 25„ package, you can change it with any of the following packages: "Calculat 50”, „Relaxat 150”, „Relaxat 200” or „Relaxat 300”.

The monthly administration fee is free of charge for all accounts, regardless of the currency of the account.

For interbank payment orders in lei, made via OTPdirekt and granted as free transactions within packages, depending on the benefits of each package, the Bank's fee is not charged.