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Intrabank Cash Pooling

Intrabank Cash Pooling is a product that consists in the joint administration of the liquidities from the bank accounts opened at OTP Bank in different currencies, for companies from the same group of companies or holding.

Sweeping and/or topping transfers

“Zero balance” or “target balance” functionality

Automatic calculation of interest between companies

What are the advantages of Intrabank Cash Pooling?

  • Increased efficiency through automatic liquidity management at the level of the entire group of companies; 

  • The following operations can be performed between the accounts included in Cash Pooling: 

    1. Sweeping transfers: transfers from the secondary accounts to the master account so that at the end of the day / during the day the secondary accounts remain with zero balance or with a contractually established balance (target balance);
    2. Topping transfers: transfers from the master account to the secondary accounts so that their balance reaches zero / the amount from the previous day;
    3. Consolidation of balances: the accounts in the structure can use the amounts available in the other accounts. The consolidation of the balances is possible for the RON accounts and offers you flexibility in carrying out the current operations;
    4. Concentration of funds for accounts opened in different currencies: account balances in different currencies are converted into RON, thus simplifying the concentration of funds.
  • Furthermore, through the main account you can access a credit product (overdraft) or place the available amounts in automatic overnight deposits.

  • The bank can calculate the interest according to an economic indicator established in the contract or according to the interest paid for overdraft or received for overnight deposit.

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