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ESCROW Account

Do you have a new business partner and you want to guarantee that they can trust you, and you to be sure that they will respect their part of the deal? Very simple. Now you can keep the amount of money needed to close the business in an Escrow account until you successfully close the real estate transaction / civil or commercial agreement / services / goods delivery or any other similar transactions.

Safe solution for any contractual transaction

No minimum amount for setup

Can be opened in several foreign currencies: LEI, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, and HUF

What are the advantages of the Escrow Account?

  • Safe solution for any contractual transaction;

  • No minimum amount for setup;

  • Can be opened in several foreign currencies: LEI, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, and HUF;

  • The absolute guarantee that the amount set under the contract will be used strictly for the intended destination.

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Frequently asked questions

The Escrow account from OTP Bank is a tripartite agreement between your company, the Bank (Escrow Agent) and a third party beneficiary. 

There is no minimum amount for the Escrow Account.

The Escrow account can be opened in one of the following currencies: LEI, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF and HUF.

  • Real estate transactions (based on a contract of sale-purchase, exchange etc);
  • Civil or commercial conventions (sale-purchase contracts, representation contracts, loan agreements);
  • Service provision-performance guarantee;
  • Delivery of goods-carrier's guarantee;
  • Fulfilment of terms specified in a written commitment concluded between two parties;
  • Other types of transactions.