We would like to draw your attention to the increase in spoofing fraud attempts, where attackers call potential victims from a phone number that appears to be the bank's and pose as employees of financial institutions. We advise you to be vigilant and not to share confidential data such as bank account access credentials (IB) or bank card security data with anyone.

Accounts & packages

Current account and operations


Online Current Account for SMEs

Open an Online Current Account for SMEs directly on your PC. Bank account with advantageous conditions for your business.

  • Quickly and efficiently: fill in some data and upload the documentation online;
  • View and edit the entered data at any time;
  • Receive the contract documentation in advance;
  • Choose online the best service package for your business;
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Online Current Account for Individual Businesses

It's much easier when it's online! Whether you have just started out your business or your activity is well underway, opt for an Online Current Account if you want a reliable partner. You have access to dedicated product and service packages, including card and Internet Banking.
  • Quickly and efficiently: fill in a few data and upload the documentation online
  • View and edit the entered data at any time
  • Receive the contractual documentation in advance
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OTP Express

OTP Express is a service intended for OTP Bank’s customers who wish to make transfers to the subsidiary banks, belonging to the OTP group, open in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Slovenia.
  • Reduced costs
  • Time saving
  • Accessibility – the transfer can be made at the OTP branches or via the OTPdirekt – Internet Banking service
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Digital Certificate for Electronic Signature

This service is offered by certSIGN via OTP Bank.

  • Filing easier the tax returns with ANAF, including Statement 112
  • The electronic signature has the same value as the one on the paper
  • Quickly transmit information electronically, to institutions
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Consignment Account for Court Enforcement Officer

OTP Bank has created a special account, addressed to the Offices of Court Enforcement Officers or the Professional Civil Companies of Court Enforcement Officers.
  • No minimum amount for opening
  • It can be opened in both LEI and foreign currency (EUR, USD, HUF, and CHF)
  • No fees*
  • * exception: SWIFT charges and fees of correspondent banks, in case of payments in foreign currency
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ESCROW Account

Now you can keep the amount of money needed to close the business in an Escrow account until you successfully close the real estate transaction / civil or commercial agreement / services / goods delivery or any other similar transactions.
  • Safe solution for any contractual transaction
  • No minimum amount for setup
  • Can be opened in several foreign currencies: LEI, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, and HUF
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OTPdirekt - Internet banking

Current Account and Transactions with Internet Banking

Do you wish to access your accounts and to manage your bank activity anywhere around the world, easy and fast, without going to a bank?
  • You make payments in lei or in foreign currency
  • Currency exchanges / transfers of amounts between accounts
  • You can top up your card whenever you need, even at night or in weekends
  • Manage your finances quickly and easily with MyMentor
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OTPdirekt SmartBank

With OTPdirekt – SmartBank you have direct access to the financial situation of your company and you can make transactions directly from your mobile phone. The OTPdirekt – SmartBank app is free for Android and iOS.
  • Greater comfort. You perform banking operations, benefiting from extended hours compared to the bank's offices
  • Quick authentication with fingerprint or FaceID
  • Fees are up to 50% lower for transactions carried out through SmartBank or Internet Banking
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OTPdirekt Push Notifications and SMS Alerts

By using the OTPdirekt Push Notifications and SMS Alerts service, you will be notified in real time about your finances, any activity on your account, as well as other financial information that you choose to receive.
  • Always keep track of your finances
  • Your transactions are safe
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Products and services packages


Start-Up HERO Package

If you are at the beginning and you want a partner who believes in you and your business, you are in the right place. You can opt for the Start Up HERO package from OTP Bank and enjoy a number of special benefits such as ZERO costs in the first 12 months*. If you have a current account opened at OTP Bank for up to 2 months and a Start-Up set up of up to 12 months, then this is the right package for you.

  • ZERO administration fee for an unlimited number of accounts

  • Free subscription for Internet banking service for one user
  • Free issue and administration in the first year for the debit card

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OTP Antreprenoriat Gratuit

We are aware of the importance of your business, a dream that came true with a lot of work and by overcoming many obstacles. That is why it is important to choose the right bank from the beginning. We are at your side and we have created an essential package of FREE banking products and services in order to help you focus on the development of your business.

  • Monthly Subscription for OTP Antreprenoriat Gratuit package Free of charge

  • Internet Banking Subscription - FREE OF CHARGE for one user

  • A Visa Business debit card - FREE OF CHARGE for one user

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OTP POS Package

Take care of your customers and offer them payment by card, and you can enjoy reduced fees. The OTP POS package is the best solution for your business. 

  • Free administration of the current account
  • Free OTPdirekt subscription for one user
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Calculat & Relaxat Packages

Choose the best for your business.
  • Various range of services offered free of charge
  • Optional products and services at a reduced cost;
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Foreign Exchange Offices Package

Foreign Exchange Offices packages are created as offers, which share the following characteristics: better exchange rate than the standard one, special interest rates, reduced fees, and other benefits.
  • STANDARD Package: 5,99 €
  • PLUS Package: 9,99 €
  • PREMIUM Package: 14,99 €
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Owners’ Associations Package

It is now much easier to effectively manage the funds for the Owners' Association. And, more than that, you don't even have to go to the bank. OTP Bank has created for you a multi-benefit banking package.

  • 0.10% interest bonus for all standard deposits of a minimum of at least one month set up by Internet Banking and SmartBank
  • Internet Banking subscription FREE for one user
  • Zero costs for services: administrating an unlimited number of accounts regardless of currency
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Independent 5Package

You benefit from the best business solution for the development of your activity, safely and easy.
  • All the accounts are free, regardless the currency and the number of accounts you wish to open
  • FREE issuing and administration for VISA Business debit card
  • OTPdirekt FREE for one user

  • 1 free of charge transaction per month for interbank payment orders made through Internet Banking&SmartBank 

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Independent 25 Package

Your activity does not require an office or a fixed program. You need a bank that fits your flexility and dynamism in activity, by accessing your accounts anywhere and at anytime.

  • All the current accounts are free

  • 0 fee for issuing and administration of VISA Business or VISA Business Silver debit card

  • Internet Banking service, free for one users

  • 5 free of charge transactions per month for interbank payment orders made through Internet Banking&SmartBank 

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Packages calculator

Calculate how much you save and apply for a package of products and services from OTP Bank

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Advanced solutions for liquidity management, invoice collection, other services

Intrabank Cash Pooling

Intrabank Cash Pooling is a product that consists in the joint administration of the liquidities from the bank accounts opened at OTP Bank in different currencies, for companies from the same group of companies or holding.

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Cash Sweeping - Standing Order

Cash Sweeping - Standing Order service is addressed for resident or non-resident legal entities, which operate either on the territory of Romania or have an international presence and who carry out their liquidity management activity centrally and want to optimize thecash flow.

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Invoices Collection

An organized business gets on like smoke. Make sure you benefit from all the services that can help you maintain the order and inventory of the necessary information.
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Electronic RM

Through the Internet Banking platform, Electronic RM informs you, free, about the ongoing credit, and you can check at any time if there are any unpaid amounts.
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OTP Trezor

Based on the authorization from you, OTP Bank can make the transfer of the amounts from the treasury account into the current account open at the bank, and in the same time, the Bank will act as a legitimate trustee in order to collect the statements of account from the Treasury.
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High Value Goods Transportation Service

You collect a lot of money and you need a fast and safe transfer of the cash between your units and OTP Bank? Sign a values transport agreement with OTP Bank, and your values will be collected from your offices whenever you want.
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Payment Agent

You can distribute funds towards various beneficiaries, natural and legal persons, clients, or non-clients of OTP Bank, through our banking units or by bank transfer.
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Liquidities concentration

Now you can administrate and centralize your liquidities in only one account. If you wish to optimize your cash flow, choose the right solution for your business.
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