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Payments in OTPdirekt without token

Why should you use Trusted Beneficiaries option from new OTPdirekt?

Because will not be mandatory to use the token device when you authorize payments thru OTPdirekt desktop or SmartBank. All you need to do is first register the beneficiary of the payment in Trusted Beneficiaries from Operations menu. 

After, you will be able to initiate payments in RON or foreign currency to the trusted beneficiary , without the need to authorize the transfer using the token. It is enough to press Confirm button after you input the payment details. 

This option applies both to individual users and legal entities users of OTPdirekt. 

How do you register trusted beneficiaries in OTPdirekt?

  • Step 1: Please login to OTPdirekt desktop and press Trusted Beneficiaries in Operations menu.

  • Step 2: You will select the currency of the payment for which you would like to register the beneficiary and press the button Add new trusted beneficiary.

  • Step 3: Please input beneficiary details for which you will not use token code (name, IBAN account and maximum limit amount). Press Continue button.

  • Step 4: Just one time you will confirm the registration of the trusted beneficiary using the SMS token code or hardware token code ,following the instructions displayed in OTPdirekt screen. You can register multiple beneficiaries by starting again the process. 

  • Step 5: After beneficiary is registered you can initiate payments to him by using the specific menus from OTPdirekt (for example Payments in LEI or Foreign payments) without using the token. You will just press Confirm button after you input payment details. 

Do you need help?
You can always consult the guide with detailed instructions.