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Have you ever thought that your savings 

are too low to generate a profit? Are you not saving money because you still haven't found a clear financial purpose? OTP Mentor, the free financial counselling programme, helps you put your thoughts in order. Find out from our advisers that it is important to know your expenditures and control them, establish realistic financial objectives and obtain, at the same time, more from your money. 



What are your advantages? 

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Analysis of your current objectives and financial status; 

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Development of an action plan which will bring you closer to the desired results;

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Implementation of the action plan by using products and services suited for your profile and objectives;

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You can change the investment plan depending on the changes in your lifestyle.


How does the OTP Mentor programme work? 

An experienced team of advisers comes to your help with practical financial analysis answers and solutions, all adapted to your needs and suited for you lifestyle. Be prepared to see how the product range fits perfectly with your long-term plans, and you are each day closer to attaining your financial objectives. 


Fell free to visit the nearest branch to benefit from immediate free financial counselling or join the OTP Mentor programme and register on www.dresoruldelei.ro. We guarantee that we have answers for all your questions.