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OTP Bank Romania launches the 7 month Term Deposit in RON with a promotional interest rate of up to 3.20% per year


Bucharest, July 19th 2018: OTP Bank Romania launches a new savings product for individuals, the 7 month Term Deposit in RON, with the best interest rate on the market for this term, which can reach up to 3.20% per year, when its set up online, through OTPdirekt service.


The clients can choose to set up a deposit either physically, in any OTP Bank branch office, or online, through the OTPdirekt internet banking service. Clients who set up the deposit via OTPdirekt increase their earnings by 0.20%, so the interest rate reaches up to 3.20% per year.


In addition to the promotional interest rate, of 3.20% per year through OTPdirekt, the clients are provided with zero commissions for opening, administering, liquidating the deposit, or withdrawing the cash at maturity, regardless of whether they set up the deposit through OTPdirekt or in a bank office. The clients who choose to set up the deposit at the bank, will benefit from an interest rate of 3% per year.


The offer is addressed to both existing and new OTP Bank clients, and the minimum amount required for setting up the deposit is equal to or greater than 2,000 RON.


"OTP Bank supports and encourages a responsible financial behaviour and takes an important step in stimulating savings in Romania by launching an extremely attractive promotional offer for a 7 month term deposit in RON, with the best interest rate on the market for that term. Through this product, we aim to help clients with their savings plans, considering this habit to be a sign of personal financial health with positive effects both on the community and on the societyal large", said Mircea Gologan, Director of the Product for Individuals Management Department at OTP Bank Romania S.A.


The promotional offer is valid until September 30th, 2018.


More information about the 7 month Term Deposit in RON can be found here.


About OTP Bank Romania


OTP Bank Romania, subsidiary of OTP Bank, the largest independent banking group in Central and Eastern Europe, is an integrated and self-funded provider of financial services. With an approach based on responsibility, commitment and professionalism, OTP Bank Romania understands its clients' needs and the current market context, being a reliable partner in the area of financial services.


OTP Bank is the 9th safest bank in Central and Eastern Europe in 2017, according to Global Finance. OTP Group offers high quality universal financial services to almost 15 million clients in nine countries through its network of roughly 1,400 branches, ATMs and cutting-edge electronic channels. OTP Bank Plc. is the largest financial service provider in Hungary and an important player in the Central and Eastern European market.

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