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OTP Bank Romania launches API Sandbox

OTP Bank Romania has published its PSD2 (Directive (UE) 2015/2366) compliant API Sandbox to accelerate innovation by working with external providers. 

The APIs are available in a test environment which contains dummy data, thus allowing the developers to explore the APIs potential in their applications.


OTP Bank Romania is committed to offer convenient and modern services that are easier and faster to access and meet the standards of the digital age. For this reason, a safe sandbox environment was created to inspire developers and equip them with the tools to discover and test the APIs and to create novel digital experiences enabling our clients to manage their finances in new ways.


How does it work?

Developers can easily register by filling in a registration form, upload a trusted certificate and connect their application to our secure sandbox environment.


Currently only Accounts and Payments APIs can be used, but we plan to extend our API catalogue in the near future.


Our portal developer page can be accesed here.