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„Vara Urbană” – second place in ¨best empoyee support program¨ at Romanian CSR Awards 2019

Bucharest, 15th April 2019 – The social responsibility project "Vara Urbană", developed by OTP Bank Romania together with the Bank Foundation – Dreptul la Educație - is the winner of the 2nd place in the category Employee Support at the Romanian CSR Awards 2019, organized by CSR Media.


The “Vara Urbană” program was created to help parents working at OTP Bank Romania who had no place to take care of their children in the summer time, while they were at work.


"Vara Urbană" was implemented with the support of “Dreptul la Educație” Foundation and took place at OK Center, the first Romanian financial education center, in partnership with the Step by Step school. Company employees benefited of free enrollment for their children in educational and interactive activities during summer holidays. Between July and August 2018, about 100 children took part in summer school classes.


"In order for our colleagues in the bank to be involved in CSR projects, they need to be well themselves. A lot of resources have been put together, we have benefited from the involvement of our colleagues from the “Dreptul la Educație” Foundation and from OK Center, and with funds collected from the 2% donations, we have managed to partner with the Step by Step school, that has experience in alternative education. Later, the "Vara Urbană" project for the children of our employees was launched, a unique project and for which we are proud of the recognition received from the very first year of its development. For the HR team it was a real joy to work on this project, and the impact of the project has led us to include it in this year's out-of-pay strategy for employees.", said Diana Misha, HR Manager, OTP Bank Romania.


"Vara Urbană" is a project that I want to talk to you about both as an organizer and as a direct beneficiary. It is a valuable benefit that we have been able to offer for the children of OTP employees who have been helped with a real problem: "Where do I leave my baby on the summer vacation?". It was extremely important for me as a parent to know that my daughter, Ilinca, spends time in the company of other children of similar age, making new friends and participating in learning and entertainment activities in an organized setting, where the phone, the tablet, and the TV were no longer an attraction for her. I think the other parents who participated in this project also appreciated its benefits equally and therefore I wish we could continue this project so well received by parents and children and rewarded with this award from the first year of implementation.”, said Ada Ionita, Director of the Right to Education Foundation and OK Center.


During "Vara Urbană" Program, between July and August, the parents at OTP Bank's headquarters and its branches in Bucharest had the opportunity to leave their children at OK Center from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 18:30, to take part in project activities.


Participation in the program was free of charge, based on enrollment, and parents had the choice whether they wanted to sign up for a few days, weeks, a full month, or for both months of the program. The average attendance in the program was 20 children / day.


OK Center, an OTP Bank Romania and a “Dreptul la Educație” Foundation project, is the first center in Romania dedicated to financial education, both for children and teenagers, as well as for adults.


About OTP Bank România


OTP Bank Romania, subsidiary of OTP Group, is an integrated and self-funded provider of financial services. With an approach based on responsibility, commitment and professionalism, OTP Bank Romania understands its clients' needs and the current market context, being a reliable partner in the area of financial services. The bank ranks 9th by assets in the top of Romanian banking players, as of September 2018.


OTP Group celebrates, in 2019, 70 years of existence, while the Romanian subsidiary marks 15 years of presence on the local market. By today, OTP Group has grown into a dominant player in the Central-Eastern Europe market and is regarded as a major banking group even on European scale. The community of around 36 thousand OTP staff serves over 18.5 million customers in 9 countries on a daily basis.



Dreptul la Educaţie Foundation supports and promotes the development of financial, economic and managerial skills among pupils aged between 10 and 18 years of age and provides youngsters psychological tools for conscious career planning. All modules of economic and financial education aim to acquire the financial alphabet based on the Edutainment methodology, in a language appropriate to the age of young people.

Last year, the Foundation's curriculum added the Fitness Program that provides adults with basic information and tools that they can use in responsible management of their own financial resources.