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Csaba Bálint, Macroeconomic Analyst at OTP Bank, awarded by Consensus Economics for the quality of macroeconomic forecasts

Bucharest, May 7th, 2019 – The international economic research organization Consensus Economics awarded OTP Bank Romania's analyst, Csaba Bálint, the award for the most accurate macroeconomic estimates in Romania.


The Forecast Accuracy Awards Program, developed by Consensus Economics, recognizes the achievements of a small group of economics forecasts experts, who have made the most accurate estimates of gross domestic product and inflation evolution in the country they operate in 2018.


Thus, the winners for 2018 were appreciated for the quality of the research, the regularity of the estimates and the ability to identify as accurately as possible the trends of the main economic indicators. The ranking is made directly by reporting estimates of the real registered indicators.


"2018 has taken us through a series of both legislative and macroeconomic surprises, and has prompted us to always be ready and to constantly assess the local effects for internationally observed trends. This prize honors us, and the economic reality has shown that we have been pretty close in our estimates, which we enjoy given the responsibility of these analyzes. Given that monetary, macroeconomic and legislative changes have prompted public opinion, the consumer, to become more informed and educated economically and financially, I believe that macroeconomic analyzes are an important milestone and should show as best as possible the local market realities", said Csaba Bálint, Macroeconomic Analyst OTP Bank România.


In the process of assessing macroeconomic analyses for the Forecast Accuracy Awards, Consensus Economics takes into account forecasts provided by analysts over 24 months. To assess the accuracy for 2018, projections collected between January 2017 and December 2018 were taken into account.


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