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Investment services

Directive 2014/65/EU on Markets in Financial Instruments (known as „MiFID II”) concerns investors, financial investment intermediaries and trading venues.


MiFID II includes stricter rules regarding the financial instruments and investment services provided to clients, by ensuring a higher level of protection for investors and improving transparency and supervision of financial markets.


It also introduces new corporate governance rules and strengthens the responsibility of competent national and European intermediaries and authorities regarding financial markets stability and financial investments security.


Law No. 126/2018 regarding markets on financial instruments, as well as implementing regulations emitted by Financial Supervisory Authority, transpose in national legislation MIFID II provisions.


OTP Bank Romania SA is authorized as Credit Institution who provide investment services, trough No. 6/28.03.2019 FSA Certificate and registered in FSA Registry under the number: PJR01INCR/400021.


Informative document regarding investment services and financial instruments


Suggestions / Complaints

Please send us your suggestions or complaints about our financial investment products and services by using one of the following communication channels:
  • E-mail: office@otpbank.ro
  • Telephone: 0800 88 22 88 / + 4021 308 57 10.


Your guide to filing a complaint is available here.