Life Insurance with ADVANCE

„Life Insurance with ADVANCE” offers you and your family the help you need to overcome the unforeseen situations more easily.

In the case of diagnosis with a critical illness, we provide you the necessary financial resources, and in case of death, we offer a more financially secure future for your loved ones.




Which are the covered risks?

  • Critical illness – 50 % of the insured amount is granted, advance of the insured amount mentioned for death 

  • Death by illness or accident – 100% of the insured amount. If the advance of 50 % has been granted, the insured amount available for death caused by illness or accident is a maximum of 50 %.

Which are the benefits of insurance?

  • in case of death caused by illness or accident, your loved ones will receive the full insured amount

  • in case of diagnosis with a critical illness, you will receive half of the insured amount

  • flexibility to choose the appropriate amount ceiling for you, up to 3 times the insured amount 

  • monthly fixed rate for the entire period of contract

  • payment of the insurance premium is made by the monthly debiting your current account (if you are also the insurance contractor)

How can you benefit from an AVANS product?

  • you are between 18 and 55 years old at entry into insurance

  • you or a family member have/has a current account opened at OTP Bank

  • you fill out the insurance application containing a questionnaire regarding your health condition

How do you get life Insurance with ADVANCE?

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