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If you need a credit card for shopping, we're here to help! Our shopping cards can be used anywhere inthe world, both online and in physical stores, giving you security and convenience when purchasing your favorite products or services. Choose the option that suits you best from the below list and ask for more information!

Mastercard Dual

Credit Card in 12 installments


The shopping card in 12 instalments brings you more benefits than you had ever imagined. Try it one year for free.

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Mastercard MOL - Compas

Credit Card in 12 installments


Get your Compas OTP Bank – MOL card and receive twice as many points. Multibonuses for each pay using the card in MOL gas stations from Romania.

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Mastercard Platinum

Credit card


You have access to a credit limit of up to 100,000 lei that we will decide based on your needs and income.

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Calculat - Relaxat

Credit Card in Installments without interest


It is ideal for online shopping or POS payments anywhere in the world, the card in 6 instalments without interest is the perfect partner for your shopping adventures.

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VISA Clasic Transparent and Mastercard Standard



Choose a VISA Clasic Transparent or Mastercard Standard credit card and take advantage of the benefits offered by OTP Bank.

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VISA Gold Credit Card

OTP Bank


Take advantage of the premiums offered by the VISA Gold Card and a superior credit limit. In addition, you enjoy elegance and refinement in financing your ideas.

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Useful information

Frequently asked questions

It is a payment instrument that provides the cardholder with money in the form of a credit limit granted by the bank, enabling him/her to carry out financial transactions.

It can be used for any purchase at physical or online retailers, in Romania or abroad.

The shopping card can be accessed from any OTP Bank branch on the basis of your identity card if your income is reported to ANAF or on presentation of income documentation.

  • Age: 23-65 years;
  • Length of service: 
    - Minimum 3 months of employment with current employer (including for retirees with additional employment contracts); 
    - more than 12 months of activity as a PFA. 
  • Residence in Romania;
  • Minimum net monthly income: minimum net salary in the economy.

You have two options through which you can authorize online payments: biometric authentication (digital fingerprint or facial recognition) via SmartBank app or two factor authentication (static dynamic 3D Secure password). Details here.

In case you have forgotten your static passwords please contact ROMCARD SA. On the following phone number 021.402.0029 or you can contact the customer support center of OTP Bank on the following numbers: 0800 88 22 88, or + 4021 308 57 10 which can be called from abroad.
Once your static passwords has been reset it will be set to its original value, the last 6 digits of your CNP number. 

Once your static passwords has been reset it will be set to its original value, the last 6 digits of your CNP number. Then, for added security, you will need to change your initial static password to a new 6-digit password known only to you. For future online transactions you will use the static password you set in this step.

Yes, you can request a maximum of  3 additional credit cards within the same credit limit.

The shopping card is a payment instrument that has attached a credit limit in LEI provided by the bank based on the net monthly income. An advantage of the shopping card is the ability to shop on 0% interest either through the instalment schedule or through the grace period.

Account overdraft (also called overdraft) is an account facility provided by the bank based on the salary earned on that account and can be up to 6 net salaries. Overdraft may be given in LEI. In the case of overdraft, you can attach a debit card to your account with which you can make payments and cash withdrawals with the fees and charges associated with the card. For these transactions, for account overdraft, you only need to pay monthly the related interest

If you use the card in another currency, depending on the currency in which it is issued, a currency conversion is made as follows:
a.    For transactions made in the currency of the account, the Bank will debit from the account the amount of transactions made in the currency of the account;
b.    For transactions made in Romania in currency other than the currency of the account, the Bank will debit the account using LEI as the reference currency. The currency exchange will be made at the rate displayed on the Bank’s website and territorial branches;
c.    For transactions made abroad with the Card, the Bank will debit the account using EUR as reference currency, as follows:
       i.    The currency exchange between the currency in which the transaction is made and the EUR reference currency is made by the International Mastercard / VISA Card Organization at its rate or from the Settlement Date;
       ii.    For debiting the LEI account, the Bank uses the Bank's Reference Exchange rate from the transaction settlement day, published on the Bank's website.

Yes. If you wish to use the card issued by OTP Bank Romania at OTP Group ATMs abroad, you will be charged a cash withdrawal fee of only 3.5 LEI/ EUR 1 per transaction.

OTP Group member banks in Europe can be located in countries such as: Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia and Russia.

Yes, you can make payments with your card once you have selected "Internet payments" upon requesting the card, later via OTPdirekt or at the branch.

The transaction list and account balance of your shopping card are available on the billing statement you receive monthly through OTPdirekt or by email. At the same time, you can find out the balance of the card account at OTP Bank ATMs, where you can also get a list of the last 5 transactions made or you can access the information via OTPdirekt if you have activated the service.

Yes, you can use your card issued in lei or euro and abroad for payments to merchants and cash withdrawals. In this case, you will receive the currency of the country you are in. We recommend that you check the fees and charges here.

Transaction limits are daily or monthly limits set for your card or subcard issued to your account. They have default values when issued, but can be changed on request, via OTPdirekt, call in the Contact Center or via any branch.

The OTP-MOL Compas co-brand card is a shopping card that can be used with any merchant in the country or abroad. The advantage of this card is getting double MultiBonus points when it is used at MOL gas stations around the country.

For Multibonus cards, assistance is provided exclusively by MOL Romania through their Customer Service (021) 204.85.26 or 0800 800665 (non-stop).

For OTP-MOL credit cards, please contact OTP Bank "Call Center": 0800 88 22 88 (08:30 a.m. - 09:00 p.m., free from any fixed or mobile network in Romania) - free or OTPBank "Card Services" (021) 308.57.11 (non-stop).


Yes, you can also use your card issued in lei or euro abroad for payments at merchants and cash withdrawals. In this case, you will receive the currency of the country you are in. We recommend that you check the fees and charges here.

The grace period applicable to shopping cards means the maximum number of days that no interest is charged for transactions. For example, the 55 days grace period applies to shopping done on the 1st day of the month until the 25th of the following month, which means that you can reimburse the entire amount used for shopping without paying interest until the 25th (next month).

If you are no longer in possession of your card, you need to block the access to your account amounts. You can do this directly directly via OTPdirekt in from the SmartBank application or by calling 0800 88 22 88 (free from any fixed or mobile network in Romania) or +40 21 308 57 11 (also available from abroad).



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