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Each day can bring you closer to your goals!

When you save money constantly, you have a growing asset that can be invested anytime.


Whether you are thinking about personal development, the future of your loved ones or a life without worries after retirement, savings give you the freedom to choose.


Develop the habit of saving on a regular basis with the help of OTP Bank’s automatic savings program.


All you have to do is to adjust the program accordingto your preferences and then the established amount is transferred automatically, periodically, from your current account to the chosen savings product.


You save even the trip to the bank!

Did we manage to get your attention?

Here is how you can access the automatic savings program:





  • In any OTP Bank branch, by signing an addendum to the current account framework contract.


  • ONLINE, by filling in the below contact form. In the shortest time possible, you will be contacted by an OTP Bank representative who will guide you further.  



Ce avantaje ai?


otp bank

The transfer is done automatically, directly from your current account, with the established frequency.

otp bank

By choosing an investment fund, you have quick and easy access to many financial products and a team of professionals working for you.


otp bank

You can personalize the settings of the automatic transfer and you can change them at any time.

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The transfer will be done only if the established amount is available in the current account for which the program was activated. No other accounts will be debited.


otp bank

You can check your portfolio at any time through OTPdirekt – Internet Banking.

otp bank

You will receive periodical information and reports regarding your portfolio, if you choose an investment fund.


otp bank

Activating the program is FREE.

otp bank

You can cancel at any time, for FREE.


Train your way to Financial Fitness with the OTP Family!

Did we manage to convince you?

Here are the products available for automatic saving:

  • Investment funds administrated by OTP Asset Management Romania SAI SA

    The minimum amount required is 50 RON/EUR/USD, depending on the currency of the investment fund.


  • Standard term deposits

    The minimum amount required is 100 RON/EUR/USD, depending on the currency of the deposit.


  • Savings account and/or Junior account

    No minimum amount required. You can save in RON/EUR/USD.



Click HERE and fill in the contact form. In the shortest time possible, you will be contacted by an OTP Bank representative who will guide you further.

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