Savings account


Between 23rd of November 2020 and 31st of December 2020, the working schedule within all the OTP Bank territorial units will be, from Monday to Friday, between 10 AM and 5 PM.
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Savings account

Whether you have great plans for the future or want to have money available for unpredictable situations, OTP Bank's savings account helps you wisely capitalize on your savings. It gives you access to your money whenever you want, mobility and many other benefits waiting to be discovered.

The savings account is available in LEI, EUR, USD and HUF and has unlimited validity 

You get a higher interest rate than your current account 

You have flexibility and limited restrictions on accessing funds 

Benefits of a Savings Account

  • The savings account is available in LEI, EUR, USD and HUF and has unlimited validity
  • You get a higher interest rate than your current account;
  • You benefit from interest accruing daily and paid monthly and an interest rate which is calculated and paid in cumulative instalments;
  • You have flexibility and limited restrictions on accessing funds;
  • You optimally manage the surplus of funds you own;
  • You benefit from zero opening and closing fees if you perform these operations in our branches and fee of 2 lei for each account opened via Internet Banking - OTPdirekt;
  • You can also access your savings account through a debit card issued on behalf of the account holder or its signatories;
  • You can fund savings through cash deposits or intra- / inter-bank transfers.

Monthly Savings with OTPdirekt

With the automatic saving feature via OTPdirekt, you never forget to save money.
How does it work? You decide when you want to make a deposit, and we make sure your money reaches the savings account every month.
In addition, through OTPdirekt - Internet Banking you have an attractive interest rate for your savings and you benefit from free of charge automatic transfer, no fees or additional charges.

How can you open a savings account with OTP Bank?

If you want to enjoy a flexible product and an advantageous interest, ask for an OTP Bank savings account. You just need to present us your valid Identity Card, in original, to any of our branches, and we give you a safe place for your savings in the shortest possible time.

We are waiting for you at the nearest OTP Bank branch in your city for more details about our products and services.

For your convenience, we offer you the possibility to open your savings account via Internet Banking also, using the OTPdirekt platform. This option is available for individual clients who do not have loans at OTP Bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, money deposited in a savings account can be used at any time. You will still receive the interest calculated for the amount you have in your savings account.

Interest is calculated based on the daily amount you have in your account and is transferred into your savings account at the beginning of the following month. The interest rate is variable and varies depending on cumulative instalments.

To open a deposit account with OTP Bank, you need at least 100 LEI, 100 EURO, 100 USD, 100 GBP or 25.000 HUF. To find out the interest rate level applied depending on the amount deposited and the maturity period, go to this link.

Interest on deposits is fixed and applies to the amount in the deposit account for the selected period.

You can withdraw interest monthly only if you opt for the following options:

  • Deposit in LEI, EUR, USD, HUF, GBP with one month maturity;
  • Deposit in LEI, EUR on 1 year with fixed interest and monthly interest payment.