Investment funds administered by Franklin Templeton Investments

Investment funds administered by Franklin Templeton Investments

In the interconnected world of today, smart investors are turning their attention to global markets. If you are looking for a fund administer with experience in international investment, you have come to the right place.

Accessibility and flexibility 

Diversification and balance 

Professionalism of administers 

About Franklin Templeton

For over 60 years, Franklin Templeton has been dedicated to asset administration for institutional as well as individual clients and with high equity.

Franklin Templeton is the pioneer of international investment, with experience in emerging markets over 25 years of activity. The company has brought together several world-class investment groups into one company, becoming one of the most trusted partners for financial consultants and investors in over 180 countries*.

* Data available on 31.12.2015

Product offer

The investment funds administered by Franklin Templeton Investment, distributed by OTP Bank Romania, give you access to the opportunities offered by the most attractive specialized fields around the world, through a real diversification of investment styles and asset classes.

OTP Bank Romania only distributes Franklin Templeton N Class investment funds.

Franklin Global Fundamental Strategies Fund - N (acc) EUR-H1, ISIN: LU0360500044
Franklin High Yield Fund - N (acc) USD, ISIN: LU0109402817
Franklin India Fund - N (acc) EUR, ISIN: LU0231205856
Franklin India Fund - N (acc) USD, ISIN: LU0231204966
Franklin Natural Resources Fund - N (acc) EUR, ISIN: LU0300742037
Franklin Technology Fund - N (acc) EUR, ISIN: LU0140363697
Franklin Technology Fund - N (acc) USD, ISIN: LU0122613655
Templeton Asian Growth Fund - N (acc) EUR, ISIN: LU0260870406
Templeton Asian Growth Fund - N (acc) USD, ISIN: LU0152928064
Templeton BRIC Fund - N (acc) EUR, ISIN: LU0229946891
Templeton BRIC Fund - N (acc) USD, ISIN: LU0229945810
Templeton China Fund - N (acc) USD, ISIN: LU0188151178
Templeton Global Bond Fund - N (acc) EUR, ISIN: LU0260870588
Templeton Global Bond Fund - N (acc) EUR-H1, ISIN: LU0294220107
Templeton Global Bond Fund - N (acc) USD, ISIN: LU0122614208
Templeton Global Total Return Fund - N (acc) EUR, ISIN: LU0260870745
Templeton Global Total Return Fund - N (acc) EUR-H1, ISIN: LU0294221253
Templeton Global Total Return Fund - N (acc) USD, ISIN: LU0170477797

More details can be found on the Franklin Templeton Investments administrator page, by searching for the fund's name or ISIN code: Franklin Templeton Investments.

What are the benefits of investment funds?

Franklin Templeton Investment administers a wide range of investment funds selected to meet the needs of each client. Here are the advantages of investment funds:

  • Accessibility and flexibility. The only tool you use is the fund unit. Its value is given by diverse financial products and diversified placements. Thus, you have access to the capital and financial market with a minimal analysis effort.

  • Diversification and balance. Asset portfolios of investment funds target diversified placements in order to reduce fluctuations. As a rule, open-end funds invest in several types of financial instruments, diversifying the portfolio helping to reduce the risk. Even if certain instruments have negative evolutions, the other categories of assets can compensate for their poor results.

  • Professionalism of administers. Open-end investment funds are run by professionals with extensive experience and extensive knowledge of capital and financial markets. Because management revenue depends directly on the performance of the fund, the administration company will make every effort to ensure the efficient management of your investments.

  • Liquidity. Open-end investment funds offer more liquidity than other financial instruments. You can always subscribe or redeem the fund units for the time period you want.

How can you start investing?

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