Investment funds distributed by OTP Bank


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Investment funds distributed by OTP Bank

Invest now and secure an additional income for the future. Benefit from the experience of fund managers and put your savings in good hands, for a more attractive potential earning compared to other saving products, directly proportional to the risk taken.

With a minimal effort of analysis, you simply buy fund units that you will keep for as long as you like 

Assets are placed in several financial instruments 

The investment funds distributed by OTP Bank have been selected to meet the needs of each client 

Investment funds distributed by OTP Bank Romania

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Why invest in investment funds?

Many hands make light work! On this principle also operate investment funds that are formed by associating several investors who have put their savings together. The purpose of investing in a fund is to participate in the acquisition of various financial instruments whose value increases over time.

Here are the advantages of the investment funds distributed by OTP Bank Romania:

  • It's simple. With a minimal effort of analysis, you simply buy fund units that you will keep for as long as you like.

  • The assets of the investment funds are placed in several types of financial instruments, portfolio diversification helping to reduce the risk. Even if certain instruments have negative evolutions, the other categories of assets can compensate for their poor results.

  • If you choose to invest in a number of different funds, you lower the risks and you can increase the return on your savings.

  • The investment funds distributed by OTP Bank have been selected to meet the needs of each client, in terms of investment horizon, level of risk or currency.

  • Your investments are in good hands. Open-ended investment funds are managed by skilled professionals with decades of experience in capital markets.

Open-end or closed-end investment funds?

In Romania, there are two major categories of investment funds: open-end and closed-end, depending on the mode of issue and redemption of the fund units.

The investment funds distributed by OTP Bank fall into the first category.

In the case of closed-end funds, you have a limited number of fund units available, for a certain period of time. Only on specific dates you can underwrite to or redeem the desired units, as required by the constituent documents.
Open-end investment funds, however, give you more flexibility, in the sense that you can always sell or redeem fund units.

Open-end investment funds continuously issue and redeem fund units. Investors, who may be natural or legal persons, always have the opportunity to place their savings in fund units. Saved money is invested in various financial instruments, such as fixed income instruments (deposits, bonds, etc.), derivative instruments or shares. Thus, as an investor, you have access to a diversified portfolio of assets.

According to EFAMA (European Fund and Asset Management Association) standards, depending on the investment policy, open-ended investment funds are classified into:

  • Monetary Open-end Investment Fund: mainly invest in money market instruments (deposits, government bonds);

  • Bonds Open-end Investment Fund: invest in fixed income instruments, especially bonds;
  • Mixed / Diversified Open-ended Investment Fund: invest in fixed income instruments and equity;
  • Shares Open-end Investment Fund: invest in shares.

Basic principles about investment funds

Before you invest in a fund, you need to know its level of risk. There is a direct proportional connection between risk and profitability when it comes to investments. Generally, the lower the risk of a fund, the more profitable your investment is, and vice versa - the higher the risk, the higher the return on investment may be.

There are investors willing to take the risk of a higher loss, hoping that the situation will evolve in their favour and will then earn a high profit. There are also prudent investors, who do not want to take too much risk and which intend to make smaller but safer profits.

Our advice is to pursue investments that provide you with an optimal balance between profitability and risk. So before investing in a particular fund, you have to ask yourself: how much are you willing to risk?

How much you earn from an investment fund?

The value of fund units changes daily, depending on: interest receipts, coupons, dividends, the quotes of the financial instruments composing the fund, which are listed on different financial markets. As the portfolio instruments of each investment fund evolve over time, the value of the units may increase but also decrease.

Therefore, the earning from your investment is calculated as follows: the difference between the sale value and the purchase value of the fund units.

How to choose the right investment fund?

To become an investor, here are the factors you need to consider:

  • What amount of money you are willing to invest;
  • Over what period of time you wish to invest;

  • What risk are you willing to take;

  • What are your personal financial goals?
  • How well you know the financial markets;

  • What resources you have available (time, money, access to information).

If you've decided to become an investor, but you do not know yet which fund to choose, we invite you to go over the investment fund offer distributed by OTP Bank.

How can you start investing?

Our colleagues from OTP Bank branches in your city are at your disposal for more information. In complete security and confidentiality, we present the information we have so that you can make the best decisions according to your needs and plans.

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The regulatory framework for investment products

Would you like to know more about the regulatory framework of investment products and services offered by OTP Bank Romania?
Please go to MiFID II page.


The investment funds present not only the advantages that are specific to them, but also the risk of not achieving the objectives, including unfavourable developments for the investors, the income attracted from the investment being, as a rule, proportional to the risk assumed. Investments in investment funds are not guaranteed by the state or any other form of guarantee. The past performances of the funds are not a guarantee of future achievements. Like any other earnings made on the territory of Romania, the income from investment funds are subject to taxation, according to the legislation in force.

This material is not investment advice. The investment decision belongs to you exclusively, OTP Bank Romania, not under any circumstances guaranteeing the future developments of the investment funds presented.