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Investment funds administered by Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Benefit from a wide range of investment solutions and services administered by Goldman Sachs Asset Management  professionals on regional and global markets.

Accessibility and flexibility 

Diversification and balance 

Professionalism of administers 

About Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Goldman Sachs is a manager of financial assets and is part of the Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. firm and offers clients worldwide a dedicated partnership and focuses on long-term performance, with over $2 trillion in assets under supervision worldwide.

Goldman Sachs offers you a varied range of investment solutions and services, covering various asset classes.
Driven by clients’ passion for performance, Goldman Sachs seeks to build long-term relationships based on trust, sustainable results and shared success over time.

Product offer

The investment funds administered by Goldman Sachs Asset Management, distributed by OTP Bank Romania give you access to both developed, emerging, regional and global markets, representing an alternative to the classic investments in LEI, EUR, and USD.

Goldman Sachs Eurozone Equity Income, ISIN: LU0127786860
Goldman Sachs Global Climate & Environment Equity, ISIN: LU0121174006
Goldman Sachs Emerging Markets Enhanced Index Sustainable Equity , ISIN: LU0113302664
Goldman Sachs Asia Equity Income, ISIN: LU0113303043
Goldman Sachs US Enhanced Equity, ISIN: LU0113305253
Golman Sachs Global Sustainable Equity, ISIN: LU0121204431
Goldman Sachs Emerging Markets Equity Income, ISIN: LU0300634226
Goldman Sachs Romania Equity, ISIN: LU0345402092
Goldman Sachs Romania RON Bond, ISIN: LU0345402175
Goldman Sachs Euro Bond, ISIN: LU0546918151
Goldman Sachs Emerging Europe Equity, ISIN: LU0113311731 - SUSPENDED
Goldman Sachs Global Equity Impact Opportunities, ISIN: LU0250170304
Goldman Sachs Global Equity Income, ISIN: LU0146259923
Goldman Sachs Greater China Equity, ISIN: LU0121204944
Goldman Sachs US Equity Income, ISIN: LU0214495557
Goldman Sachs USD Green Bond, ISIN LU2578936770 
Goldman Sachs Global Flexible Multi-Asset - RON, ISIN: LU1243899686
Goldman Sachs Global Flexible Multi-Asset - EUR, ISIN: LU0809674384

More details can be found on the Goldman Sachs Asset Management administrator page, by searching for the fund's name or ISIN code: Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

What are the benefits of investment funds?

Goldman Sachs Asset Management administers a wide range of investment funds selected to meet the needs of each client. Here are the advantages of investment funds:

  • Accessibility and flexibility. The only tool you use is the fund unit. Its value is given by diverse financial products and diversified placements. Thus, you have access to the capital and financial market with a minimal analysis effort.

  • Diversification and balance. Asset portfolios of investment funds target diversified placements in order to reduce fluctuations. As a rule, open-end funds invest in several types of financial instruments, diversifying the portfolio helping to reduce the risk. Even if certain instruments have negative evolutions, the other categories of assets can compensate for their poor results.

  • Professionalism of administers. Open-end investment funds are run by professionals with extensive experience and extensive knowledge of capital and financial markets. Because management revenue depends directly on the performance of the fund, the administration company will make every effort to ensure the efficient management of your investments.

  • Liquidity. Open-end investment funds offer more liquidity than other financial instruments. You can always subscribe or redeem the fund units for the time period you want.

How can you start investing?

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The regulatory framework for investment products

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