Savings and investments


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Savings and investments

Savings products

Savings account

Whether you want to save money for a big project to have money available for unpredictable situations, OTP Bank's savings account gives you access to your savings, flexibility, and many other benefits.
  • The savings account is available in LEI, EUR, USD and HUF and has unlimited validity
  • You get a higher interest rate than your current account
  • You have flexibility and limited restrictions on accessing funds
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Auto Saving Program

It is a flexible and complex banking product. All you have to do is set the amount you want to transfer and the date you want the money to be transferred from your current account into savings or investment products.
  • The offer is available for your accounts in LEI, EUR and USD
  • The frequency of automatic transfers you can opt for is a very flexible one, so you can choose a specific frequency for each product selected in the automatic saving program.
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OTP Bank Standard Deposit

OTP Bank Standard Deposits offer you the security you need in order to have a peaceful living. Moreover, you can win even if you have a standard deposit through the interest that you continuously accrue.
  • OTP Bank term deposits are available in LEI, EUR, USD, HUF, and GBP
  • You can increase the saving rate due to the interest capitalization effect
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Deposit for Retirees

Because you have worked your entire life, you deserve to enjoy the years of retirement properly. You feel more comfortable and happy when you know your savings are safe, and the benefits are especially designed for you.
  • The deposit is available in LEI, EURO, USD, HUF and GBP
  • You have a 0.20% bonus over the bank's standard interest rate for deposits in LEI
  • You can increase your savings with the help of interest capitalization effect
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Anniversary Deposit

For your birthday, OTP Bank cheers on your side. We wish you health, happiness and especially security for your money. Choose an anniversary deposit to enjoy a safe place for your money and quick access to them.
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  • The anniversary deposit is available in LEI, EURO, USD
  • You have a 0.10% bonus above the bank's standard interest rate for LEI term deposits

  • The terms of establishment can be of 1 month, 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24 months


Deposit calculator

Hapiness isn't random, it can be planned!

Calculate your bonus depending based on the deposit currency, amount and maturity. Use the online calculator for deposits from OTP Bank and find out how you can open a deposit!
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Online Deposit

Choose to open an online deposit with OTP Bank in LEI and you will receive a 0.20% bonus compared to the standard interest rate.

  • The OTP online deposit is available in LEI and EUR
  • You have fixed interest until maturity at a standard rate of + 0.20% for LEI.

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Investment products

Investment funds distributed by OTP Bank

In Romania there are two main categories of investment funds: open-end and closed-end. The main difference between them is the method of issuing and redeeming fund units.
  • Significant savings
  • Accessibility
  • Diversification
  • Professionalism
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Investment funds administered by OTP Asset Management Romania

Choose to save through the investment funds administrated by OTP Asset Management!

OTP Asset Management Romania SAI SA is part of the largest financial group in Eastern Europe, offering investment services in different countries in the region.

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Investment funds administered by NN Investment Partners

NN Investment Partners offers a wide range of investment solutions and services, covering various classes of assets for institutional clients, fund distributors and NN entities.

Over 3,200 professionals employed within NN Investment Partners are overseeing the money of clients around the world, from Europe, America and Asia-Pacific.
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Investment funds administered by Franklin Templeton Investments

In the interconnected world of today, smart investors are turning their attention to global markets. For over 60 years, Franklin Templeton has been dedicated to asset administration for institutional as well as individual clients and with high equity. The company became one of the most trusted partners for financial consultants and investors in over 180 countries*.


* Data available on 31.12.2015

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Investment funds administered by Eurobank FMC-LUX

Subsidiary of the Eurobank Group, Eurobank Fund Management Company (Luxembourg) S.A. is specialized in administration of mutual investment funds. Investment management is carried out by Eurobank Asset Management Mutual Fund Management Company S.A., based in Athens, and Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A. acts as the Depositary of the Funds assets.
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