Log in #MoreRelaxed

New login method from 19 December

Easy and fast access, anytime, anywhere

Username can be personalised

What does #MoreRelaxedBanking mean? You get fast and secure access to quality banking services anytime, anywhere. Starting 19 December 2022, you can log in even more easily to OTP Bank's internet and mobile banking apps.

In OTPdirekt and SmartBank all you need is your username and password. Go to your Profile menu, Settings section, choose your Username, choose an easy-to-remember password and enjoy all the benefits of digital banking. You can also try fingerprint or facial recognition login. We recommend you to use biometry for your authentication.

How do you log in to OTPdirekt and SmartBank? Simple.


With the username and password of your choice;

By Biometric Authentication: using fingerprint or facial recognition.

Internet Banking Login
  • Didn't manage to set your User ID by 19 December? Stay relaxed. Keep accessing the app using:

  • Last 10 digits of the Card;
    Example: 7700039653

  •              or

  • Client Code and Username.
    Example: 1259333|user 
    Pay attention: no space between Client code and Username, but use the symbol "|" (vertical bar)

  • And there's another reason to relax: if you don't remember your login details, you can retrieve them from the login page of your internet banking app (OTPdirekt) or mobile banking app (SmartBank).

  • Still not ready for change?

  • We've thought of that too, so your current login details will still be valid after 19 December 2022 allowing you to experience the change at your own pace.

Frequently asked questions

Go to "Forgot username" on the application login page. The user will be sent via SMS to the phone number registered for the OTPdirekt service after you enter the last 6 characters of your CNP / NIF and your phone number.

Go to "Forgot your password" on the login page of your internet banking app (OTPdirekt) or mobile banking app (SmartBank). Enter your user name and the last 6 characters of your CNP / NIF, choose a new password and confirm the change with the help of the physical or virtual token (SMS). 

If you don't have your Username set up via the internet banking app (OTPdirekt) or mobile banking app (SmartBank), don't worry. You can log in using the last 10 digits of your card (example: 7700039653) or the Customer Code followed by the user (example: 1259333|user). Pay attention at the right vertical bar symbol that must be used between the Client Code and the Username. 

Regardless of the l mode you have chosen, your password remains unchanged.

The SmartBank app might only be updated from the official app stores (AppStore, Play Store) depending on your phone's operating system. 

It is not mandatory to set up a username via the internet banking app (OTPdirekt) or the mobile banking app (SmartBank). However, for extra security, we recommend setting of a username. 

SmartBank Tutorial