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Money Magnet

  • If you need to pay your OTP BANK loan installment or you wish to pay a utility bill or get fast money on your card and manage them with OTPdirekt internet banking service, we offer you the card money transfer option .

  • Benefit of your money from your debit  card in the account that you have opened at OTP Bank. Just want it and instantly, your wish becomes reality.

  • Card money transfer option gives you the opportunity to benefit instantly of your financial availabilities you own on a debit card issued by other banks from Romania.

  • Card money transfer, option available both in the Internet Banking and Mobile Banking is the new way to do a fast money transfer.



General information about Money Transfer option

You can transfer money using a personal debit card issued by another bank from Romania.

  • Maximum transfer limit is 10.000 lei per transaction;

  • You can perform maximum three transfers per month which do not exceed the maximum amount of 10.000 lei;

  • The card that you will use must be enabled for internet transactions;

  • Each transaction must be authorized with 3D Secure password;

  • If you have not set your password 3D Secure, the transaction will not be made.


Check on the website of the bank that issued the card, how to enroll your card in 3D Secure. Enrollment in the 3D Secure not involve fees charged by banks, this enrollment is done for your protection of data and transactions. Check the website of the issuing bank, the manner of enrollment. 3D Secure enrollment does not involve fees charged by banks. 3D Secure enrollment is done to protect your data and transactions.

How an online transfer can be order through Money Magnet?

For an online transfer you need to follow just four steps.

  • Step 1: Loginin in OTPdirekt – Internet Banking or SmartBank.

  • Step 2: Select the option “Money Magnet” and press the buton “Online Transfer with a New Bank Card”.

  • Step 3: Input the amount you what to transfer and select the account to be creditet .

  • Step 4: Input the bank card data from which.



  • Why should I use Magnet Monet?

    In order to pay your credit installment without coming in OTP Bank Branches and in order to take advantages of all OTPdirekt benefits.

  • There is any commission to use and transfer through Money Magnet?

    No, there are no commissions for transfers through Money Magnet.

  • How fast it will be processed my online transaction through Money Magnet?

    The transfer will be processed instantaneous, if you will realized it till 20:00 pm. All details about Bank cut of times are available here.

  • What are the advantages for ordering an online transfer through Money Magnet?

    You have many advantages, not just one. The advantages of an online transfer through Money Magnet are:

    • The term deposits created through Internet Banking and SmartBank have a bigger interest rate;

    • For ordering all type of payments you have lower commissions;

    • The SMS alert service can be administrate by you in Internet Banking for all your accounts.

  • What do I need to make an online transfer through Money Magnet?

    For an online transfer it’s necessary to:

    • be an OTP Bank customer;

    • have OTPdirekt - Internet Banking and SmartBank;

    • have a debit card issued by another Bank from Romania (you cannot use OTP Bank cards).

  • There are minimum and maximum limits for an online transfer through Money Magnet?

    Yes, the limits are:

    • Transfer minimum value is equal with 1 leu, and the maximum value it is 10.000 lei.

    • The maximum limit to be transferred per month is 10.000 lei.

  • What is the limit for number of transfers in a month?

    Three, you can make maximum 3 transfers per month.

  • How can I check if an online transfer was executed?

    In oder to verify if an online transfer was executed, you can check:

    • In option “Money Magnet” you can check the transaction status;

    • In Accounts – My Accounts, select the account from which you made the transfer and check the online transfer;

    • In Accounts – Transactions History, select the account from which you made the transfer and check the online transfer.

  • What is the currency for the online transfer?

    The transfer can be ordered just in RON currency.

  • The actual bank card from which I’ll transfer funds should have special characteristics?

    Yes. You card should be:

    • It must be enabled for use for internet payments;

    • Should be activated 3D Secure;

    Also you have to know what are you internet limit for your bank card used in an online transaction. If you don’t know your bank card characteristics, you should address to issuer card bank.

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