Your phone is even more useful

Your phone is even more useful

OTPay app is available for Android devices and you can install it from the dedicated Google Play store.

Enjoy the experience!

What is OTPay?

With OTPay you enjoy contactless payments directly with your phone. 

OTPay app is available for Android devices and you can install it from the dedicated Google Play store. Install your own digital wallet for all your Mastercard cards issued by OTP Bank! 

In order to pay, your phone must have NFC function active.

Find out from video:

- How you add your card in OTPay.
- How you pay with OTPay.

How to add you card in OTPay?

1. Open OTPay app

2. Enter your card details and follow the instructions

3. Enter the unique verification code received by SMS into the app

4. Set up a four-digit PIN dedicated to OYPay

Congratulations, your card is add in OTPay app!

How do you pay with OTPay?


1) Unlock your phone, get it closer to the POS, no need to open OTPay app...

2) Authorize payment using your phone's authentication method (FingerPrint, FaceRecognition or Password)...

and DONE!

Choose your favorite payment card with “Set Default” option. You can pay in any store in the country or abroad that accepts contactless payment. Use OTPay!

You do not have any commission for payments made with your phone through OTPay.

Frequently asked questions

OTPay app is functional on devices with Android operating systems (starting with version 4.4) that allow the app to be installed from the official Google Play store.

In OTPay you can add all Mastercard cards, RON and EUR, issued by OTP Bank.

Make sure you complete all the steps correctly:

Your card is active and valid; you enter the card details correctly; you enter correctly the verification code received by SMS; the mobile phone number displayed on the phone screen it’s correct. If you still can not add the card, you can call the Contact Center service at: 0800 88 22 88.

The unique verification code is sent to the phone number declared to the Bank, make sure you have given us the correct number. If your phone number is correct and yet you have not received the code, you can select the "Resend SMS" option when it becomes active. If you still do not get the code, you can call the Contact Center service: 0800 88 22 88.

Yes, you can delete the card with the option "Remove card". To be able to add the card again, you must follow the initial steps.

Yes, you can add maximum 9 Mastercard cards issued by OTP Bank. From the menu, choose the option "Add new card" and follow the instructions.

Yes, if you block the physical card, you cannot use the card added to the app. At the same time, if the physical card expires and is renewed, the new card must be added again to the app.

The card added in OTPay can only be blocked/unblocked by blocking/unblocking the physical card. To do this, call the Contact Center service on the phone number: 0800 88 22 88.

You can pay at any merchant in Romania or abroad at POS terminals that accept contactless payments.

Yes, the commission is ZERO

OTPay transactions have the same standard limits as your card. You can update your transactions limits, easily, from Internet Banking and from SmartBank application or by phone call 0800 88 22 88.

After adding the card to the app, you can pay with your phone via NFC technology at contactless POS terminals. Unlock your phone and get it close to POS, you do not need to open the OTPay app also. Authorize the transaction using your authentication method on your device: fingerprint, facial recognition, or password. The transaction will be made with your default card, if you want to change the default card, use the option "Set Default".

Yes, you need to enable the NFC function in your phone's settings.

You can see the last 10 transactions in OTPay app, “Mini Statements” menu.

Yes, by the following:

- After installing the OTPay app on your phone, you can set the OTPay app as default.
- If you have not chosen the OTPay app from the beginning as default, you can do this at any time from your phone's settings.

Please note that you can use OTPay app only if it’s set as “default”.